G2 Crowd Report

Transforming The Possibilities For Your Team’s Day-To-Day Operations

Earlier this year, G2 Crowd—a peer-to-peer review site comparing the best business software and services—released its Spring 2019 Workplace Innovation Platforms Report and named Claris FileMaker the dominant leader in the industry. G2 compared Claris FileMaker to platforms like Airtable, Google App Make, Quick Base, and Salesforce Lightning based on community feedback and aggregate data from online sources and social networks. Using an algorithm to compile the data, calculate customer satisfaction, and factor in market presence, G2 concluded that Claris FileMaker was leading the pack of workplace innovation platforms.

Where Claris FileMaker Stands Apart

Since 1984, the Claris FileMaker platform has been fostering workplace innovation by prioritizing:

Problem Solving

At its core, Claris FileMaker is a platform for using technology to address problems that are curbing business growth. Claris FileMaker empowers just about anyone—not only IT teams and C-suite executives—to use technology that addresses concrete problems and productivity bottlenecks. With Claris FileMaker, every member of your organization has the tools and platform to be a problem solver. Whether you partner with a team of specialists like the ones at Skeleton Key, or you want to do it yourself, your team can experience the flexibility to tackle any of your operational inefficiencies with a custom solution.

Process Refinement

Unlike off-the-shelf software solutions, Claris FileMaker allows you to refine your processes and overarching technology platform. While a solution can be built around your specific challenges and requirements, the framework also allows you to adapt your solution to ever-changing workflows and operations with minimal downtime. That way, your technology platform continuously conforms to your needs instead of the other way around.

A Thriving Community

The Claris FileMaker community is flourishing. With free training resources, a robust community of developers pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with Claris FileMaker, and unique partnerships with other technology innovators, this platform isn’t going anywhere – but up. If your organization is considering a comprehensive workplace innovation strategy, you can be confident a Claris FileMaker solution will have the support it needs to help you achieve your goals for years to come.

Overcoming Work Ruts

It’s easy to get stuck in a work rut. Productivity stagnates, employees get burned out on redundant, inefficient workflows, and it becomes difficult to identify opportunities for growth. Claris FileMaker’s workplace innovation possibilities help your organization break out of the work rut by making powerful technology accessible to everyone. That empowers your team to solve problems quickly while preparing to tackle new ones.

How Skeleton Key Helps

Whether you’re looking to explore the possibilities of a Claris FileMaker solution built around your goals, or you’re ready to take an existing solution to the next level, the experts at Skeleton Key are ready to help. We focus exclusively on developing, deploying, and supporting Claris FileMaker solutions, so you can count on us as your singular source for all things Claris FileMaker. Get in touch with our team today and we’ll work with you to start exploring your possibilities for the future.