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Data Collection

Integrate Data Collection and Critical Metrics With a Seamless Solution

As data becomes a valuable driving force behind key business decisions, the possibilities for data collection are virtually limitless. Leverage data collection opportunities and take control of your data with the power of a Claris FileMaker solution.

Collect and Manage Data From Anywhere

In today’s business environment, data is being used to drive decision making at every level of operations. How your organization collects, processes and manages increasing amounts of information is critical to your ongoing success. With the power of a Claris FileMaker solution, your team has the ability to collect, track, and review data no matter where their work takes them.

Your organization’s field-based employees will have access to the same applications and database systems as your team in the office. Whether they’re working in the warehouse or across the country, they’ll be able to work from the same robust platform as everyone else in your organization. With real-time data entry and syncing, everyone in your organization has access to the same mission-critical information. That means data can be collected, reviewed, and managed while on the move as well as at the point of action. And because mobile Claris FileMaker solutions are designed to work just as effectively on mobile devices as on desktop computers, your team won’t be slowed down when they have to go mobile.

The IoT Revolution

Uncertain about what the implications of IoT are for your business? Traditionally, data collection required hooking up sensors to computers and devices to collect data. With recent developments in IoT, devices are no longer physically dependent on computers in order to function. That means you can automate the collection, tracking, and storage of data just about anytime and anywhere with IoT sensors.

Take Control of Your Data

In today’s world, data has become a new form of currency that’s invaluable to your organization’s prosperity. Together with cutting-edge data API integration capabilities and real-time data collection for IoT devices, a Claris FileMaker solution allows you to take control of your organization’s data with one centralized platform. Plus, with customizable dashboards and data visualization tools, your team will have the ability to transform even the most complex data into valuable insights that drive decision making.

A Few of Our Clients

If you’re curious about our track record, Skeleton Key has helped streamline data collection and management for businesses such as:

  • Midwest Energy
  • Uthell Seed Sales
  • BSR Services, Inc.
  • Bemes, Inc.
  • Lake O’Hara Lodge

Are you interested in exploring how we can help you next? Contact the experts at Skeleton Key today.

Mobilize Your Workforce

If collecting and managing data is a critical facet of your team’s day-to-day operations, you need a software platform that aligns with those unique workflows. No matter what devices or platforms you’re already using to collect data, a customized Claris FileMaker solution can centralize your data systems under one platform and make data management more intuitive than ever.

If you’re interested in exploring how a Claris FileMaker solution can help you take control of data and prepare for the challenges of the future, contact the experts at Skeleton Key today.