Logistics and Mapping

Track All of Your Critical Assets With One Centralized Platform

With a customized Claris FileMaker solution from Skeleton Key, your organization can take asset mapping and logistics to new levels of efficiency.

Intuitive Integration

Whether you’re already taking advantage of Claris FileMaker or you need a customizable platform with robust mapping and geolocation capabilities built from the ground up, Skeleton Key has the experience to deliver an intuitive logistics interface. We can incorporate a mapping system into your Claris FileMaker solution so that it’s as easy to use as Google Maps and integrates with all your database systems. That means your team will be able to interact with geodata in real time to track and manage assets, locations, and job sites.

Take Control of Geodata

How does your organization incorporate geographic data into your overarching operations? If your geodata is spread across multiple platforms, inconsistencies, miscommunication, and inefficiency inevitably occur. No matter what systems you’re already using, the team at Skeleton Key can help you consolidate data so your team can turn that data into powerful insights.

Robust Mapping Tools

Just because we can develop a mapping system that’s easy to use doesn’t mean we compromise on delivering cutting-edge capabilities. Some of the tools we can integrate into your Claris FileMaker program include:

Map Filters

With customization map filters, your team can filter geodata so they have access to a unique map that only displays information that’s relevant to the task at hand. These filters are easy to set up and reflect your organization’s workflows, so everyone on your team can use them effectively, even when they’re on the go.

Dropping Pins

Just like with Google Maps, your team can drop pins to mark important locations for future reference. Pins are updated in real time and can be simultaneously color-coded and filtered. That way, everyone in your organization can find precisely what they’re looking for at a moment’s notice.

Map Bordering

With map bordering functionality, you can filter geodata based on specific geographic constraints. Whether you’re looking to filter based on a particular city block or an entire city, Claris FileMaker’s mapping capabilities allow you to extrapolate data in a matter of seconds. At the same time, map borders can be turned into permanent geographic filters for your whole team to use. Custom borders are established using either written rules or by drawing custom shapes.

Searching by Radius

Looking to uncover geodata within a specific radius of an area? With a customizable mapping solution from Skeleton Key, you can establish a radius around a specified location to target the data points closest to you.

Upgrade an Existing Solution

Even if you’re already using Claris FileMaker, the team at Skeleton Key can help you integrate mapping and logistics capabilities into your existing system. We’re committed to ensuring that you can leverage the full power of the Claris FileMaker platform. If you’ve pinpointed an inefficiency, we pride ourselves on being able to turn that weakness into a strength that adds lasting value to your operations.

Streamline Logistics

In today’s world, geodata and logistics have become inseparable. Knowing what you need is only half the battle when you don’t know where it is, or the best route for getting there from where you are. The experts at Skeleton can develop Claris FileMaker solutions to help you overcome both challenges with one consolidated platform. Whether you need to track 10 assets or 10,000, we’ll help you take full advantage of the cutting-edge tools you need for long-term success.

Contact our team today to get started on the path to deploying a Claris FileMaker solution that’s built around your organization’s unique workflows.