How to Drive Productivity With a Workplace Innovation Platform

Boosting workplace productivity is a priority for growth-oriented organizations. Driving productivity begins by giving your team the tools they need, not only to succeed but to continually refine workflows and expand your client base. When motivation isn’t the issue, the next most significant workplace obstacle in today’s business environment is technology.

Whether you’re running a small startup or a corporate enterprise, a workplace innovation platform deployed around your goals and operations is critical to setting your team up for success. With a customized FileMaker solution, your organization can become an industry leader by:

  • Turning goals into actionable plans
  • Optimizing a software platform around your operations
  • Transforming the way your team works at every level
  • Making data-driven business decisions

If that sounds like something your team could benefit from, here are just a few more ways a workplace innovation platform like FileMaker can help you achieve greater prosperity.

Streamlined Project Management

Staying agile in today’s ever-changing business environment means technology should never slow your organization down. By giving your team access to mission-critical data in one place, a workplace innovation platform simplifies the decision-making process. No longer will they have to mine for data or parse through potentially outdated spreadsheets. A FileMaker solution has the power to turn that data into powerful insights with robust report creation tools and dashboards. With a platform like FileMaker, your team can have access to information as it is updated in real time, so you can be confident they’re making optimal decisions.

Because a workplace innovation platform like FileMaker is built around your organizational objectives and workflows, project management becomes as intuitive as you can possibly imagine. A FileMaker solution can be developed and deployed to streamline every stage of project management, no matter what industry you’re in or what your project timelines look like. If your team has become bogged down by increasingly complex project phases, a workplace innovation platform is the first place to turn to refine those processes and help you serve more clients faster than you thought possible.

Centralized Resources

Whether working on accounting, replying to emails, or building reports, having to switch between multiple single-purpose ‘appliance’ applications slows any employee down, ultimately draining productivity. FileMaker can integrate all the programs your team needs in a central interface and incorporate practically any of the digital elements on which you depend. Your team can also connect with online tools like Microsoft Office, WordPress or Salesforce, making FileMaker the perfect all-in-one tool for all your technology platforms.

Room for Creativity and Growth

Have productivity levels become stagnant? That’s likely because your team doesn’t have the tools to turn inefficiencies into opportunities. If your organization has to adapt workflows to a limited software platform, you’re curbing productivity and limiting growth.

The right workplace innovation platform gives your organization room for growth while offering the flexibility to find innovative solutions to ever-changing problems. Instead of finding ways to fit your operations within the constraints of off-the-shelf software, a workplace innovation platform delivers the flexibility your team needs to solve problems creatively and continually hone your processes. A FileMaker solution streamlines communication, integrates real-time data with workflows, and facilitates strategic planning.

At the same time, workplace innovation solutions allow you to scale your technology resources quickly and efficiently. Off-the-shelf software can slow growth as you attempt to scale it around your growth goals. An innovation platform like FileMaker, on the other hand, easily scales with a growing user base so it’s perfectly aligned with your plans and your budget.

Reduced Paper Waste

One of the most significant benefits of adopting a workplace innovation system is it enables your organization to move closer to a paperless future. If your team needs to turn data into insight, one of the least efficient ways of accomplishing that goal is by rifling through stacks of paper to find what they need. Chances are, by the time that information is printed and shared, it’s already outdated anyway. With real-time reporting tools, your organization can be paperless. That not only leads to more agile decision-making but reduces paper waste and lowers overhead expenses. Plus, your organization will be helping the environment by reducing the amount of material waste you produce.

Mobile-Friendly Technology

With a workplace innovation platform, doing business on the go is easier than ever. Whether on the road, visiting a client’s facility, or out in the field, your team members can access the data they need to prioritize customer engagement while working as though they were in the office. FileMaker’s workplace innovation platform is compatible with all mobile devices. Whether your team prefers working from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, they can access and manage your FileMaker solution from anywhere with internet connectivity.

How Skeleton Key Can Help

Skeleton Key is the leading source for leveraging FileMaker’s workplace innovation possibilities. We’ve already helped hundreds of clients deploy a customized FileMaker solution for their operations and goals, and we’re ready to help your organization next. Whether your organization is looking to automate repetitive tasks or streamline project management, contact us today and we’ll explore how a FileMaker solution can take your team’s productivity to new heights.