FileMaker Cloud-Hosting FAQs

Whether your organization is already using a FileMaker solution or you’re thinking about developing one, you can maximize your capabilities by hosting a solution on the cloud. In this post, we’ll answer some of the most common questions our clients ask about hosting FileMaker on the cloud.

What Are the Options for Hosting FileMaker on the Cloud?

When hosting FileMaker on the cloud, your organization has four main options. The first and most straightforward solution is using FileMaker Cloud for AWS (Amazon Web Services). It’s designed to host your FileMaker solution via AWS, and your team can access custom apps from Amazon’s hosted servers. If you need to prioritize scalability and flexibility, FileMaker Cloud for AWS may be your best option, and Skeleton Key can help you deploy and manage the entire process.

Depending on your in-house resources, the next option worth considering is partnering with Skeleton Key to host your FileMaker solution on a dedicated cloud-based server. Since we’ll develop, deploy, support, and host your FileMaker solution, we’re proud to stand as your single point of contact for all your FileMaker needs. While we will often do this using the same FileMaker Cloud for AWS offering, there are times when a particular solution would be better hosted on a traditional Microsoft Windows Server-based Filemaker, either at Amazon or in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud, or even in a privately owned data center. Regardless, Skeleton Key can help you select, deploy and manage the right dedicated server solution for your needs.

The third option is contracting with a third-party cloud service provider to host your FileMaker solution at one of their data centers. Your third-party vendor then hosts your solution on their servers and decides how resources are managed, secured, and allocated.

The fourth and final option is hosting your solution on an in-house cloud server. You’ll be able to control precisely how your servers are managed, resources allocated, and your network secured. At the same time, you’ll be able to take a hands-on approach to scaling resources and infrastructure.

What Are the Benefits of Hosting FileMaker on the Cloud?

Depending on the option you choose for hosting your cloud solution, your organization can enjoy benefits like these:

  • On-demand resource scalability
  • Minimal capital expenditure
  • Rapid deployment timelines
  • A hands-off approach to server management
  • The latest cybersecurity measures
  • Access to your critical data from anywhere
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery

Once you understand the most relevant benefits to your organization, you’ll be able to decide on the best cloud-hosting solution.

How Does FileMaker Licensing Work on the Cloud?

As with all solutions, your organization will need to purchase the right kind of user licensing for each user of your solution. Skeleton Key can work with you to find the ideal licensing package for your user base and growth goals.

Are There Any Disadvantages to FileMaker Hosting on the Cloud?

If you decide to host your FileMaker solution using on-premise servers, you’ll need to ensure you have the requisite infrastructure. If not, you’ll need to make the necessary equipment upgrades, which may result in delayed deployment timelines.

In addition, if you host your solution on a third-party cloud vendor’s server, you have little to no control over how your server resources are allocated and managed. While third-party vendors may be ideal if you want to take a hands-off approach to cloud management, many organizations would rather have a little leverage over their cloud resources. That’s why we most frequently recommend hosting your solution on a Skeleton Key-managed server or directly with AWS.

How Do I Decide Which Option Is Best for My Organization?

If you’re still not sure which FileMaker hosting solution is best for your organization’s needs, contact the experts at Skeleton Key today. We’ll work with you to clarify your organization’s goals, pinpoint opportunities for growth, and explore the possibilities. When you partner with Skeleton Key for your FileMaker needs, our industry-leading experts ensure your team has the knowledge and resources to make an optimal decision for your business.