Forrester Wave Report

The Leading Low-Code Platform for Business Developers

You may have already heard that Claris FileMaker was recently named the dominant leader among Workplace Innovation Platforms earlier this year. Even more recently, the Claris FileMaker Platform was also named a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Low-Code Platforms for Business Developers, Q2 2019 Report. Forrester, an independent research firm, compared Claris FileMaker to 12 different platforms and ranked them out of 30 criteria. To be included in the report, each of the platforms had to:

  • Deliver intuitive development experiences designed for business people
  • Offer a comprehensive toolkit to cover a variety of business applications
  • Incorporate free or low-cost licensing with a scalable business model

What is a Low-Code Platform?

The report focused on low-code platforms for business applications. According to Brad Freitag, the CEO of Claris, Inc., low-code capabilities fundamentally allow “creative problems at any level [to] drive digital automation. Many in our community had no background in development when they began using the Claris FileMaker Platform, but have gone on to become full-time developers. Low-code tooling is a critical component of our leading Workplace Innovation Platform, alongside more robust options for API integration and workflow orchestration that use both cloud-native and hybrid deployment offerings to meet the security and availability needs of all of our worldwide customers.” (Source)

Highlights From the Report

Among the 12 platforms included in the report, Claris FileMaker earned the highest possible score in:

  • Training, support, community, and marketplace
  • Vision and strategy
  • Partners
  • Customer base
  • Revenue

Ranging from small- and medium-sized businesses to Fortune Global 500 firms, more than 50,000 companies across the world use the Claris FileMaker Platform to create custom apps that enable them to continually adapt to ever-changing challenges.

Ultimately, the report notes that leaders in the low-code industry strike the ideal balance between making database design intuitive while opening up more powerful tools that allow developers to learn and grow. In this respect, Claris FileMaker stood out as the clear industry leader.

You can access the full report here.

How Claris FileMaker Can Help Your Organization

The Claris FileMaker Platform is spearheading the Workplace Innovation Platform industry by empowering organizations of all sizes and in every sector with access to custom applications. If you’ve considered custom software in the past but lengthy development timelines and substantial capital investments kept you away, Claris FileMaker is making powerful technology available to everyone. Unlike off-the-shelf software that forces your team to conform workflows to generic functionality, a Claris FileMaker solution allows you to develop software around your team’s current processes. At the same time, a custom Claris FileMaker solution can be developed and deployed in a matter of days or weeks instead of months.

Partner With a Team of Expert Claris FileMaker Consultants

Now that you’ve read what the experts have to say about the possibilities a Claris FileMaker solution can open up for your business, you may be ready to take the next step. That step begins with researching your options to find the ideal partner for your Claris FileMaker solution. At Skeleton Key, we’ve already helped hundreds of businesses in almost every industry gain access to a customized software solution that streamlines operations and drives growth. Our team is ready to help you next.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade a legacy Claris FileMaker solution or you need a new solution built from the ground up, get in touch with our team today, and we’ll help you explore the possibilities a Claris FileMaker solution can open up for your organization. At Skeleton Key, we prioritize clarity. After speaking with our consultants, you’ll understand precisely how a Claris FileMaker solution can empower your team and prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow.