What You Need to Know About the FileMaker Data API

As your business grows, your team has to grapple with tracking, storing, and managing ever-increasing amounts of data. A FileMaker solution can help you take control of how your team sources and uses data at every level. With the ability to integrate multiple API sources into your FileMaker solution, your team can more efficiently handle increasing amounts of data while simultaneously turning it into valuable insights.

What Is The FileMaker Data API?

FileMaker’s Data API allows your FileMaker solution to access data hosted by other sources and even to operate as a centralized data source for other systems to utilize. Your team can then integrate that data into your application and access it from just about any device. Because FileMaker’s Data API is bi-directional, your organization’s systems can be easily accessed and integrated with external sources while facilitating interaction between platforms.

What FileMaker’s Data API Can Do for Your Team

The core capability of FileMaker’s Data API is that it allows you to unify disparate data sources. For example, an organization may already be using a FileMaker solution as its customer relationship management (CRM) platform. However, they also use QuickBooks Online Edition (QBOE) to manage financial data with Toggl and Harvest as their productivity platforms. With the FileMaker Data API, the company is able to seamlessly integrate these once disparate data sources, allowing each platform to do what it does best while still utilizing that data within their FileMaker solution. If the project management team needs to find out whether a client’s account has been settled before initiating the next phase of a project, their FileMaker solution can check QBOE in real-time for an easy answer.

What Are the Possibilities for Integration?

The FileMaker Data API works hand-in-hand with major content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. CMS users can insert data from FileMaker’s database directly into web pages. As mentioned above, FileMaker’s Data API also works with online accounting platforms like QBOE as well as with productivity solutions like Toggl and Harvest.

The FileMaker Data API integrates with enterprise project management platforms like Salesforce, Informatica, and Dell Boomi. Instead of looking through folders on your file server to locate data, users can simply log in to their custom FileMaker solution and access the data they need to manage projects.

Any other online platforms your team depends on for day-to-day tasks? Chances are, the experts at Skeleton Key can work with you to find a way to integrate those systems into your FileMaker solution.

Take Control of Your Data With Skeleton Key

At Skeleton Key, our goal is to leverage the power of FileMaker to help your organization overcome its technological barriers. Our solutions are designed to help your team tackle today’s problems while preparing for the challenges of tomorrow. If you want the benefit of a custom software solution built around your needs and goals, contact us today.