Visit Tracker

Visit Tracker : An App for Visitor Tracking in the Age of COVID (and beyond)

As businesses open back up, they have to put new health and safety protocols in place for COVID-19. Visit Tracker is a simple app that makes this process foolproof.

This project grew out of the March announcement by Claris, makers of FileMaker, that it would sponsor the cost of hosting and licensing if developers volunteered their time to create applications to support frontline healthcare and disaster response organizations. This initiative has now grown, serving a wider range of companies with new needs in the age of COVID.

Visitor Tracker was one way in which Skeleton Key participated. Visitor tracker makes the process of checking in visitors quicker and easier while also keeping visitor logs and visitor data stored in a secure way.

Here’s the idea:

Someone comes into a place of business (or school, recreation center, public event… you name it). They might have an appointment or they might be a walk-in. Either way, you can record the visit, including the visitor’s temperature and answers to your COVID safety-related questions.

Home Screen

Visit Tracker’s interface is flexible enough for use nearly anywhere, and the app can be run standalone on an iOS device, PC or a Mac, or it can be hosted and accessed via a web browser (and by multiple users simultaneously) and from any device (e.g., an Android smartphone). Its simple, intuitive interface allows a user to customize the questions as needed and decide the order in which they are asked.

Questions Setup

Once the visit has been recorded, it is securely stored until you need it. So, for example, if a customer or staff member tests positive for COVID and you’re required to help with contact tracing, you can easily bring up a list of everyone who was at your location at or around the same date and time.

Export Options

We hope that businesses and other organizations will find this app an excellent alternative to using a clipboard, paper, and pen to record their visitors’ information. And once COVID is behind us, we’re confident that this app will continue to be useful anytime you need to capture attendance and a simple attendee survey for any reason.

For a brief tour of the app and how to use it, feel free to check out this demo and walkthrough


If you want to download this application for free to use at your event or place of business, or to take it apart and extend it for your own needs, simply fill out the form below and we’d be happy to send you a copy: