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How Skeleton Key Helped a Surgical Center with Data Analytics

The flexibility of the FileMaker platform opens up development possibilities that go far beyond the conventional business environment. Hospitals, dental practices, surgery centers, and doctors’ offices can all benefit from the innovation strategies made possible by a customized FileMaker solution. Here’s how we recently helped an orthopedic surgery center streamline clinical data management workflows while simplifying their invoicing, data collection, and reporting capabilities.

Client Background

Our client specializes in orthopedic surgery, particularly hip and knee replacements. On top of performing operations, they also compile and coordinate research data for medical manufacturers to improve hip and knee replacement products. When the client partnered with Skeleton Key, they were already using a FileMaker solution, but it needed to be expanded to better align with their evolving needs.

The Problems

The client struggled with a slow invoicing system, a tedious data management platform, and complicated reporting tools. The off-the-shelf FileMaker solution they were using didn’t offer the customization and scalability required when they needed to add additional studies to their system. Creating and customizing new studies and forms for their medical manufacturing partners required extra development work and time. Along with a lack of flexibility, the FileMaker solution they were using wasn’t robust enough to meet their complex statistical analysis needs. 

To prepare for the future, our client wanted the capability of expanding their FileMaker solution to other sites and locations, so more collaborators could participate in studies. As a direct result of their off-the-shelf solution, our partner had to limit their marketing solely to manufacturers who immediately required studies. This approach significantly limited their growth because they were unable to target prospective manufacturing partners with ideas for future studies. For their existing partners, billing was an inefficient process that required an individual to comb through the records and manually calculate costs.

How Skeleton Key Solved Their Problems

First, we incorporated a statistical analysis package into their existing system. This package enabled them to perform comparative analytics across multiple samples, so yearly reports on product efficacy could be easily compiled. We then rebuilt their FileMaker solution as a WebDirect solution.

Migrating to WebDirect allows our client to maintain multiple sites and users with the ability to access data from anywhere. We also now host their FileMaker solution to virtually eliminate IT issues. Along with ongoing support and maintenance on the solution, our hosted solution provides them with the reliability, scalability, quality control, and flexibility that’s critical to successful patient care. Since they operate in the healthcare industry, our clinical workflow specialists performed due diligence to maintain HIPAA compliance over the course of the project.

How We Enhanced Their Day-to-Day Operations

With the new FileMaker solution from Skeleton Key, our client’s clinical staff can now easily create and customize new studies without the need for any additional development. The onboarding process for new sites is straightforward while simultaneously streamlining HIPAA compliance requirements. 

The modern interface makes it easy for them to market to prospective clients. Being able to statistically analyze health information and report on it in real time not only saves time; it also gives our client the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities to marketing prospects.

Since one of their broader business goals is continued growth, they now have a robust FileMaker solution that evolves with their needs, aligns with the goals of their customers, and helps them remain competitive in the industry for years to come.

Our Long-Term Impact

Ultimately, our partner’s process for managing studies and analyzing data is more efficient, saving them valuable time and money. They’re now in a stronger position to market to manufacturers and collaborators. Plus, they’re the proprietary owner of their FileMaker solution, a significant differentiator that sets them apart in their industry.

Skeleton Key Can Help Your Medical Organization Next

If this case study has given you a clearer idea of how Skeleton Key can help your clinical team, the next step is simple—contact our clinical workflow specialists today. We’ll clarify your specific operational inefficiencies and start developing a customized FileMaker data management plan that transforms inefficiency into growth right away.