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An Introduction to FileMaker for State and Local Governments

With the power of the FileMaker platform, government organizations are addressing a variety of operational inefficiencies to better serve their communities. No matter how your organization serves the community, a customized FileMaker solution can help you too. If you aren’t quite sure how, we recommend you start by reading our previous post about what FileMaker can do for your organization.

If you already have a clear picture of what FileMaker can offer your team but you’re interested in exploring some examples in a government or bureaucratic context, that’s what we’re going to detail in this post.

Project Management

The ability to track project milestones, expenses, and timelines is critical to the success of any project. FileMaker allows your team to track every facet of your projects on one centralized platform. Because it offers the ability to integrate accounting data with the robust data API integration suite, you can be confident your next project stays within budget while tracking costs in real time. 

On top of making sure your organization isn’t overspending, you’ll be able to see exactly how your team is performing every step of the way, so you can quickly address any roadblocks before they slow progress down. With customizable dashboard functionality, you’ll even be able to ensure that every member of your team has access to the mission-critical metrics they need to measure their success.

Breaking Away From Appliance Applications

While appliance applications are often necessary and good at accomplishing a specific set of tasks, they rarely excel at efficiently streamlining the workflows unique to your organization. At the same time, they don’t give your team the ability to continually refine processes and grow. If your goal is maximizing productivity by overcoming inefficiency and work ruts, appliance applications rarely offer the flexibility to align with your goals. Fortunately, the FileMaker platform was specifically designed to help you maximize operational efficiency with a software solution built around your team’s day-to-day workflows. That makes FileMaker an ideal tool for breaking away from the constraints of appliance software as well as the work ruts they often (inadvertently) create.

Asset Management

Government organizations oversee a wide range of assets, including land, buildings, personnel, vehicles, electronic devices, and more. But how effectively are you tracking the use, location, and purpose of those assets? If there’s room for improvement, a FileMaker solution can help. From managing every asset your organization is responsible for to using the latest IoT sensors for real-time location tracking and monitoring, a FileMaker solution can streamline asset management and maximize accountability so you always know exactly where to find what you need.

Mobile Data Collection

If members of your organization frequently have to collect data in the field, they need a platform to simplify data entry while keeping your databases as up to date as possible. A FileMaker solution has the power not only to make data collection more intuitive but also to integrate all of the database sources, including MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle, that your team might already be using.

Task Automation

If your team has become inundated with the burden of performing repetitive tasks like data entry and report creation, FileMaker can automate those tasks for you. By automating routine day-to-day tasks, you can empower your team with the freedom to focus on more critical operations that require a human touch.

Your FileMaker Experts

If operational inefficiencies have hindered your organization in the past, a FileMaker solution can help you turn those challenges into an opportunity for growth. Contact the experts at Skeleton Key today, and we’ll work with you to develop a customized FileMaker solution around your specific goals and operations.

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How Skeleton Key Helped a Government Agency Manage Data

When you partner with Skeleton Key for a customized FileMaker solution, we make it our goal to help you overcome operational inefficiencies, manage data more effectively, and maximize productivity. Here’s how we helped the City of Florissant’s Public Works Department accomplish just that.

The City of Florissant’s Public Works Department


The Public Works Department of the City of Florissant manages occupancy permits, oversees property inspections, and handles other critical infrastructure regulations to keep residents safe and the city running smoothly. With a growing population of renters and the city requiring occupancy permits for both temporary and permanent residents, the Public Works Department deals with a massive amount of data on a daily basis.

The Problem

When a house was sold or an apartment rented in Florissant, the occupancy permit for each individual living at the residence had to be manually entered into the agency’s database. After years of using this system, their database had become bogged down by duplicate data that occurred when individuals moved residences while remaining in Florissant. In these instances, new records were created each time the same resident moved. 

As a result, their system had become bogged down by redundant data every time a new occupancy permit was issued and a new record created. These permits were then manually printed on separate pieces of paper and mailed out to residents and property owners. Because these records needed to be accessed frequently to verify residency for jobs and schools, redundant entries were noticeably slowing the process down.

Issuing occupancy permits was just a small part of the Public Works Department’s day-to-day operations. On top of handling permits, scheduling and executing property inspections was also a manual effort, and processing the physical inspection paperwork that resulted became increasingly complex. Building permit pricing tables and fees had to be manually tracked for each job, which slowed down turnaround times for residents, landlords, and contractors alike. 

Not only was their current system not a good fit for the rigorous data management they required, but they were also stretching their current technical bandwidth thin with new data-tracking requests from the city. Florissant’s community was growing, and the developer they’d relied on in the past wasn’t able to add the features they needed. That’s when they looked to Skeleton Key for help.

The Solution

By partnering with Skeleton Key, the City of Florissant was able to build a new FileMaker solution that offers the flexibility to evolve with the changing needs of their workplace and city. Streamlined data normalization means that records for residents who move and get new occupancy permits are consolidated and searched quickly. This strategy now completely eliminates instances of redundant, cumbersome data.

With the department’s FileMaker solution, the application process for occupancy and building permits is now paperless, cutting down on cost and time for all stakeholders. Applications no longer have to be manually tracked and entered into the system. Property inspections can now be scheduled quickly online, and the results can be entered in a streamlined database that simplifies report creation.

The Result

With their new FileMaker solution, the City of Florissant is now a more efficient government body and a better place for residents to live. The Public Works Department plans to continue its partnership with Skeleton Key to better respond to the needs of its growing community.

We’re Ready to Help You Next

If this case study has given you some ideas for how Skeleton Key can help your organization next, contact our experts today. We’ll work with you to understand your specific needs and goals so our experts can develop a customized solution for your organization and the community you serve.