FileMaker 16: Enhanced Data Viewer

FileMaker 16 Enhanced Data Viewer Animation The Data Viewer in FileMaker Pro 16 Advanced got some much needed attention with this release which can best be described as FAST! Its improved interface will have you working, testing and troubleshooting faster and easier thanks to the Auto-Complete, Search and Automatically Evaluate tools. Auto-Complete FileMaker 15 introduced Auto-Complete to many areas of the application, however it was sorely missed in FileMaker Pro Advanced’s Data Viewer. The Data Viewer is where playing, testing and troubleshooting is done without having to make changes to the database. With FileMaker 16 Advanced Data Viewer, you can begin typing the table, field or function name you want and the appropriate list will be presented with lightning speed. FileMaker 16 Advanced Data Viewer Auto-Complete Automatically Evaluate One…two…three…who knows how many fewer clicks this feature will give you, but it could be quite a few. When typing out a simple calculation, it can be nice to see the result as soon as the calculation is completed. Without having to click the “Evaluate” button. FileMaker 16’s Data Viewer includes an Automatically Evaluate checkbox feature. I would like to give special kudos to FileMaker, Inc. for getting this right. Instead of forcing this feature on every developer for every calculation, the option to turn it off is there too. This is especially helpful for long or complex calculations such as ExecuteSQL statements. FileMaker 16 Advanced Data Viewer Automatically Evaluate Search Boxes FileMaker 16 Advanced Data Viewer did not just get one…it got two new search boxes. Now you can search for or filter field names in tables and function names. This will end up being a huge time saver. Think about the next time you inherit a FileMaker database file with 600+ fields in one table! FileMaker 16 Advanced Data Viewer Search Boxes Resizable The space in the middle of the screen, the Expression and Result, is now resizable. So if you need more Expression space and less Result space, drag it! Screen real estate can also be gained with the addition of the Show/Hide function pane button in the upper right-hand corner. This can be handy if you rely on the Auto-Complete function or your knowledge of the available functions. Sort and Filter Finally we wrap up with one more addition and one modification to the Data Viewer of FileMaker Pro 16 Advanced. You can sort the fields for the table being displayed without having to leave the Data Viewer. By clicking on the sort icon, you order the fields by Creation Order, Field Name, Field Type or the Custom order that was set while in the Manage Database dialog. FileMaker 16 Advanced Data Viewer Field Sort Tool The function category drop-down list was changed to use a sort button which presents the same familiar list from versions past. This was done to allow for the function search tool as mentioned earlier. FileMaker 16 Advanced Data Viewer Category Selector You will find the adjustments made to the FileMaker Pro 16 Advanced Data Viewer will make your work easier and more enjoyable. Day by day. File by file. Jay Sayers is a FileMaker 15 Certified Developer at Skeleton Key in St. Louis, Mo. About Skeleton Key Skeleton Key helps turn complex, complicated, and outdated systems into true information platforms. Our team of consultants and developers do this by developing custom-fit software tools and reporting dashboards that help businesses find, use, and understand their data, freeing them to focus on and grow their core business. In addition to custom databases and applications, we also provide training and coaching for getting the most out of your existing systems and understanding your unruly data. Skeleton Key is an open-book management company and active player of the Great Game of Business.