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FileMaker 16 Platform

The FileMaker 16 Platform has launched and it’s packed with great new features for both developers and users. We’re excited about significant new features such as server-side PDF creation, card windows, the new Windows UI, enhanced data viewer, and native JSON functions. The platform also introduces several innovative features such as the FileMaker Data API, external script steps, OAuth 2 support, and region monitoring. The new FileMaker 16 Platform is stronger than ever and we can’t wait to start building with this great new feature set. Our team has written a series of blog posts to introduce some of our favorite new features. Check back soon for more posts. FileMaker 16: Card Window by Jay Sayers FileMaker 16: Layout Objects Window by Alan Kirtlink FileMaker 16: New Windows Interface by Calvin Cooper FileMaker 16: Data API by Todd Stark FileMaker 16: Enhanced Data Viewer by Jay Sayers FileMaker 16: Animations and Transitions by Chad Adams FileMaker 16: New JSON Functions by Jeremy Upton

Greg Lane is VP of Application Development at Skeleton Key and a FileMaker Certified Developer.

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