FileMaker: Inspector Keyboard Shortcuts

I used to use the keyboard shortcut in previous versions of FileMaker Pro to get to the “object info” window. One of the things I didn’t like about FileMaker Pro 11 is not being able to get to the inspector without using the mouse. Well, I just found out how to get to it without the mouse. You may have already known this, but if you did shame on you for not telling me 🙂 FileMaker Pro 11 Inspector
While in Layout Mode on Mac OS X you can use Command+1 to go to the Position tab of the inspector. Command+2 takes you to the Appearance tab and Command+3 takes you to the Data tab. Use Control instead of Command on Windows. Once there, the tab key will navigate you through the items on that inspector tab.
Also if you have multiple inspectors open at once (one showing each tab), then these keyboard shortcuts will switch inspectors for you instead of switching tabs on the current inspector window.
Thought you might want to know about this hidden gem!