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FileMaker 18: The While Function (looping in calculations)

FileMaker 18  introduces a new function that developers have long anticipated. The FileMaker While function gives developers the ability to create looping calculations. Although Custom Functions (introduced in version 7) have given us a form of looping via recursion, the While function simplifies the looping process as well as brings that functionality into the calculation […]

FileMaker 17: Add-on Tables

The FileMaker 17 Add-On Table feature is an improvement that will help you easily add the kind of functionality to your custom app that would normally have required you to hire a developer. There are a few classic FileMaker stories going around. Maybe you’ve heard them. Maybe one of them is your story. They usually […]

FileMaker 16: Animations and Transitions

Are you using FileMaker Go to build mobile solutions? Would you like those solutions to look and feel more like other mobile apps? FileMaker 16 comes with some new layout transition animations that will make your FileMaker Go solutions look, feel and behave much more like mobile users have come to expect. Since the addition […]

Help iOS users save their data

I ran into a situation recently where a user would not or could not remember to commit their changes before exiting their FileMaker Go solution on their iPad. The truth is it’s easy to complain that the user isn’t using the system as it was intended. Complaining about the user doesn’t really solve the problem, and […]

Developers: Where Do You Keep Your Tools?

I think every developer should create their own toolbox of code snippets to reuse as needed. There are many good reasons to develop a toolbox and start reusing code. There has already been a lot written about the benefits of reusing and even sharing code (here , here, here, and here). Instead of rehashing the […]

Confidential! For Your Eyes Only…

Sometimes as FileMaker developers we have to give back to the kids. Let me give you an example: My daughter went through a phase where everything “spy” related was very cool. For her 9th birthday party, I dressed up as a CIA agent (suit, sunglasses, earbud com). So what more can a FileMaker developer, with […]

FileMaker Trick : Help Me Help You

Accessing FileMaker’s built-in Help is very useful; but, it can be a bit slow. This trick has saved me countless hours over the years when I have needed to reference the Help documents. Please check out this brief video that I made of this quick-tip. It may prove to be valuable for you as well: […]

Advantages of Using a Non-Portal Picker for Your Solutions

<iframe width=”425″ height=”349″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/LEYz4OVCmSE” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> Inspired by Chad Novotny, The Support Group, Inc., during his session – Simplifying the Relationship Graph last week at FileMaker Developer Conference 2011, I decided to create a quick video to demonstrate some advantages of using a Picker, without using a Portal. In the video, I’ll use a List […]

Copy and Paste FileMaker Scripts

Don’t get caught by surprise Recently, I was helping a customer create a cross-tab report. We used repeating fields to display data and a script to loop through the data, export it and import it back to the repeating field. (That process is another post. If you’re interested let us know.) In the process of […]

Animated FileMaker Pop Up Windows: Part 2

Part 2 of 2 I’ll show you how easy it is to add the pop up window utility tool to your existing FileMaker application. Let’s get to it. In case you missed it, last week in Part 1 of this series, we reviewed the pop up windows utility tool sample file. The file demonstrates a […]