Confidential! For Your Eyes Only…

Sometimes as FileMaker developers we have to give back to the kids. Let me give you an example: My daughter went through a phase where everything “spy” related was very cool. For her 9th birthday party, I dressed up as a CIA agent (suit, sunglasses, earbud com). So what more can a FileMaker developer, with kids interested in spies, do to support their interest…? Build them an app for sending coded messages of course! (I apologize now to teachers and parents everywhere. 😉 TopSecret is a fun little FileMaker Go file that encodes and decodes messages.



There are screens designed specifically for iPhone, iPad and the Desktop. Download the file. Mostly this is just a fun app, but there are a couple interesting things happening behind the scenes:

  • Layout design for portrait or landscape The iPhone and iPad screens support rotation and hide/show information based on the device’s orientation
  • Open with URL TopSecret passes messages via email and it uses FileMaker’s ability to open files from a URL to open the file and pass it some information about which code to use in the decoding process.


Providing instructions to a TopSecret app would just insult any spy worth his/her salt, but for the rest of us I thought an example might be needed. Take a look at this short video that demonstrates how to use TopSecret:

I hope you (or your kids) have fun with TopSecret!

Chad Adams is a FileMaker Certified Developer at Skeleton Key.

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