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Jay Sayers is a FileMaker 17 Certified Developer at Skeleton Key in St. Louis, MO.

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FileMaker 18: Improved Data Importing

The FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced import dialog provides a clearer, more intuitive workflow that will make data importing more accurate and efficient. The Import Dialog interface has had virtually the same interface and functionality since version 7. This article shows many animated screenshots from FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced to introduce the interface and behavioral changes. […]

FileMaker 17: Perform Script by Name

Developers have been able to “go to”, “set” values and even reference files “By name.” The FileMaker 17 Perform Script By name option is just one of many improvements developers can use to create reusable and dynamic code. The new feature may not change the way we code on a daily basis, but know that it […]

FileMaker 16: Card Window

What is the FileMaker 16 Card Window? The FileMaker 16 Card Window is a new user interface tool which will not only make your application look better, it will help you reuse your layouts. Using the Card Window Style you will be able to display unrelated record data, related record data, and transform the look […]

FileMaker 16: Enhanced Data Viewer

The Data Viewer in FileMaker Pro 16 Advanced got some much needed attention with this release which can best be described as FAST! Its improved interface will have you working, testing and troubleshooting faster and easier thanks to the Auto-Complete, Search and Automatically Evaluate tools. Auto-Complete FileMaker 15 introduced Auto-Complete to many areas of the application, however it was sorely […]