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6 Ways Your Business Can Use iPads

We’ve heard most people agree that iPads are awesome personal-productivity tools. We’ve also heard that it isn’t always so easy to use them to bring your business together as a more cohesive and profitable whole. For example, I love checking my email in the park. What else can I do besides checking email, to help […]

Eliminate Double Data Entry

There are two things you can do in business to improve profits: increase top line revenue and cut costs. Opportunities to increase top line revenue can be elusive, and often depend on forces outside your control. Preventing your staff from entering data two, three or even four times – on the other hand – is […]

Mobile Technology Grows Business

Mobile devices are increasing the speed and efficiency of real-time transactions in the market. Your business will either leverage the new technology or risk falling behind your competition. Using experience from how we’ve helped our own customers grow their businesses with the technology, below you’ll find a few scenarios that describe how your business can […]

Why You Should Meet Us at FileMaker DevCon

People ask me all the time why we ‘Exhibit’ at FileMaker DevCon. We don’t have a box you can buy or an app to download. What we have to offer is more nuanced, making it that much more important to meet our team, talk to us face-to-face, break bread together and, in every other way […]

Collaborative Application Development Teams

It’s a highly collaborative process. I say those words every day when describing how Skeleton Key develops custom business applications. What does that mean exactly? What do we do to foster collaborative teams? Acknowledge our customers expertise. You own or run a business. You’ve done well enough to need a custom application. You must know […]

Mark Richman on Adatasol FileMaker Podcast Discussing Version Control

Mark Richman and Dan Weiss discuss version control in a FileMaker development environment. If your idea of version control resembles the picture above, you owe it to yourself, your company and your customers to listen. Thanks Dan! Jason Thomas manages Business Development at Skeleton Key. About Skeleton Key Skeleton Key is an accomplished team of […]

Mark Richman on FileMakerTalk.com

Matt Navarre interviewed Mark Richman for a podcast at FileMakerTalk.com. Have a listen if you’d like. While you’re there, check out Matt’s other episodes. They talked about a variety of interesting topics: Managing the business of being a development company Developing for Maximum WAN Performance Load testing a FileMaker Server Using narrow tables to improve […]

How to Search FileMaker Case Sensitive Finds

Guest post by Jason Mundok, IT Solutions Consulting, Inc.     Performing FileMaker case sensitive finds is an easy, yet very robust feature. FileMaker’s query functionality is very user friendly and intuitive, allowing users to simply change to Find mode by clicking the Find button in the Status Toolbar and enter search criteria in any […]

Would You Like it Cheap, Fast or Good?

I’ve come to understand this paradigm as an immutable law of service delivery. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about building a house, custom application development, creating a huge marketing campaign or having the neighbor kid mow your lawn. Here’s the concept. There are three variables that can be controlled in a business transaction. Of […]

7 Reasons FileMaker Go Should be Your ‘App’

Use your iPhone and FileMaker Go as a barcode gun. We did it. Read about it here. Extensibility. If you are already using FileMaker this is really a no brainer. It’s as simple as downloading FileMaker Go for iPhone or for iPad and pointing it at the appropriate server. Now your FileMaker system is mobile. […]