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The Paperless Form: Data Collection With iPad and iPhone

Join Us! Date: December 10, 2013 Time: 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM Central Time Location: Skeleton Key: 3260 Hampton, Suite 200, St. Louis, MO 63139 Price: Free and Lunch is included. Must register to attend. Few businesses are truly leveraging the iPad or iPhone. In many cases these devices are used for little more than […]

6 Ways Your Business Can Use iPads

We’ve heard most people agree that iPads are awesome personal-productivity tools. We’ve also heard that it isn’t always so easy to use them to bring your business together as a more cohesive and profitable whole. For example, I love checking my email in the park. What else can I do besides checking email, to help […]

Taming the FileMaker Beast

I’m running into this scenario a lot lately. I think it’s because FileMaker 12 is changing the landscape, but it’s worth taking a look at in any case. The Scenario You have a FileMaker solution that was started in FileMaker 4 or 5. It’s been enhanced and modified several times since then, and extended over […]

Eliminate Double Data Entry

There are two things you can do in business to improve profits: increase top line revenue and cut costs. Opportunities to increase top line revenue can be elusive, and often depend on forces outside your control. Preventing your staff from entering data two, three or even four times – on the other hand – is […]

Mobile Technology Grows Business

Mobile devices are increasing the speed and efficiency of real-time transactions in the market. Your business will either leverage the new technology or risk falling behind your competition. Using experience from how we’ve helped our own customers grow their businesses with the technology, below you’ll find a few scenarios that describe how your business can […]

FileMaker Training or Coaching?

Training or coaching – which is right for you? The simple answer: Training is an overarching effort to teach you how to effectively use the FileMaker toolkit. Coaching is a more tactical approach that focuses on learning how to apply the FileMaker toolkit to your specific application. Here’s an analogy that might make the distinction […]

Tactical Steps to Improve Your Sales Funnel

Last week, I wrote about the theory behind these sales tactics. You should review that first if you’re interested. The key is being able to identify an ideal prospect and ‘know’ who you are communicating with. There’s a simple way to determine a qualified lead from an unqualified lead: ask the people involved. Now let’s […]

Invest Time On Leads That Will Become Sales

I may be crazy for publishing this but we’re putting our money where our mouth is. Skeleton Key advocates for transparent business practices. Have a look around our site and you’ll see it everywhere. I’m going to pull the curtain back on our sales process. If that makes you uncomfortable, you have all the more […]

Two Reasons You Should NOT Get FileMaker Coaching

In-house FileMaker developers are in a precarious situation. Most of you were not hired to do FileMaker development. You were in sales or doing data entry and someone asked if you could ‘figure this FileMaker thing out.’ You’ve taken on the challenge, enjoyed it, and started delivering valuable results to your organization. It’s thrilling to […]