7 Reasons FileMaker Go Should be Your ‘App’

  1. Use your iPhone and FileMaker Go as a barcode gun. We did it. Read about it here.
  2. Extensibility. If you are already using FileMaker this is really a no brainer. It’s as simple as downloading FileMaker Go for iPhone or for iPad and pointing it at the appropriate server. Now your FileMaker system is mobile.
  3. There are thousands of stupid iPhone apps <http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2339926,00.asp> why not have at least one that could really improve your productivity?
  4. Have you ever wished you actually had pictures of your customers in your database? It’s easy now. Take a photo with your iPhone and add it directly to your databases on FileMaker Go. Take pictures of your projects and keep them stored nicely with the project data you’ll need later (not mixed up with pictures of your kids and Aunt Hilda).
  5. Convert your data to a PDF and then email it from FileMaker Go – all in a couple of clicks. Send invoices and hand off project tasks while you’re in line at the grocery store. Share data with non-FileMaker users (believe it or not the world’s full of them). The possibilities are endless.
  6. It’s like a rocket in your pocket!! Implementing a well choreographed FileMaker solution in a business environment can cause revenue to skyrocket. Putting that power in your pocket ought to be a forgone conclusion.
  7. Think of your FileMaker app as the meat of your business ~ it sustains you. (Okay that’s a bad analogy but stay with me, it gets better.) FileMaker Go, the iOS app itself, is like a stick. When you combine your FileMaker solution with FileMaker GO you’ve got meat-on-a-stick. It’s a well established fact that nothing is better than well cooked meat-on-a-stick.

FileMaker GoIf even one of these ideas resonates with you, please give us a shout we’ll gladly help you make FileMaker Go your app.