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FileMaker Coaching: Only Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” “It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.” “A coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment.” All of these quotes are attributed to legendary UCLA Basketball Coach John Wooden. They highlight how coaching can be an […]

Collaborative Application Development Teams

It’s a highly collaborative process. I say those words every day when describing how Skeleton Key develops custom business applications. What does that mean exactly? What do we do to foster collaborative teams? Acknowledge our customers expertise. You own or run a business. You’ve done well enough to need a custom application. You must know […]

Saying Goodbye to Q1

For those of us whose fiscal year follows the calendar year, yesterday marked the end of the first quarter. As we say goodbye to Q1 and hello to Q2, I urge you to invest some time thinking strategically. Make this an opportunity to get out of your day-to-day activities for a few hours and consider […]

Choosing a FileMaker Consultant

What criteria should you use? I’ve seen a lot of buzz lately surrounding the criteria customers should use when choosing a FileMaker consultant. This is an interesting topic that affects everyone in the FileMaker community. I realize it’s a little ‘sales-y’… but, don’t forget, all new business starts with a sale and we all need […]

The Tale of a ‘Get (ScriptParameter)’ Gotcha

There’s a subtle difference in the way FileMaker Pro 10 and FileMaker Pro 11 deal with the ‘Get (ScriptParameter)’ function. Don’t be caught unaware by this gotcha! I hope this helps you. Jason Thomas manages Business Development at Skeleton Key. About Skeleton Key Skeleton Key is an accomplished team of technology consultants who solve business […]

Business Resolutions this New Year

Ti’s the time of year to look back over the last four quarters with an eye towards improving the next. Skeleton Key has been engaged in a high intensity planning efforts to define company and individual performance goals and bonus plans. It’s part of our Open-Book Management and philosophy and The Great Game of Business […]

Let The Best Kept Secret Out

Help us let the cat out of the bag. Skeleton Key has been called a ‘best kept secret’ many times. You see, we’re usually referred to new customers by a trusted colleague. These referrals have accounted for the majority of our business growth and we rely on them heavily. That’s why we want to make […]

Case Sensitive Finds in FileMaker

Guest post by Jason Mundok, IT Solutions Consulting, Inc. Performing a Find in FileMaker is an easy, yet very robust feature. FileMaker’s query functionality is very user friendly and intuitive, allowing users to simply change to Find mode by clicking the Find button in the Status Toolbar and enter search criteria in any fields visible […]

Would You Like it Cheap, Fast or Good?

I’ve come to understand this paradigm as an immutable law of service delivery. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about building a house, custom application development, creating a huge marketing campaign or having the neighbor kid mow your lawn. Here’s the concept. There are three variables that can be controlled in a business transaction. Of […]

Superheroes vs. Rockstars

You’re a Rockstar!! It’s become common in the technical world to refer to a really smart person as a ‘Rockstar’. This is terribly unfortunate. Don’t get me wrong – Rockstars are cool with their torn-up jeans, long hair, assorted substance-abuse problems, groupies and stalkers. That’s all, um, awesome stuff, and perhaps worthy of some sort […]