FileMaker Devcon 2010 Speakers

August 15-18 (Sunday – Wednesday) at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina on Harbor Island Drive.

Skeleton Key is proud to be represented by speakers Mark Richman and Greg Lane. We’ll also be hanging out at our booth in the product showcase. We hope to see you there!

SK’s DevCon Speaking Schedule

Precon Session – Sunday, August 15

Introduction to ODBC, JDBC, and SQL for FileMaker Developers Presenter: Greg Lane

This session is intended for any FileMaker developer who needs to gain a fundamental understanding of ODBC, JDBC, SQL, and ESS and how these technologies can be used to make your organization’s data more valuable. We’ll unravel the acronyms and demonstrate practical examples of how to access information in other database systems from FileMaker and how to access information in FileMaker from other systems. Learn the pros and cons of each of the different ODBC-related capabilities FileMaker Pro has to offer.

Monday, August 16

Developing for maximum WAN performance Presenter: Mark Richman

FileMaker gives developers a variety of options for making your database available to remote FileMaker Pro users over a WAN or the Internet, but not all solutions (or budgets) are well suited to the traditional methods for maximizing WAN performance, e.g. thin clients (e.g., Citrix) or remote desktops (e.g., GoToMyPC). See how small changes in your approach to developing and deploying your databases can have a serious impact on how your applications perform natively. The examples will be used as the basis for a discussion of the methods demonstrated, and workshop attendees are encouraged to share their experiences related to the development of WAN-accessed applications.

Getting Started with FileMaker ODBC and JDBC Integration Presenter: Greg Lane

In this session you will learn to install and configure FileMaker ODBC and JDBC client drivers and how to share your data from FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server Advanced. This session will demonstrate practical examples of using ODBC and JDBC with common applications, including mail merge with word processors, pivot tables with spreadsheets, and other examples using various reporting and charting tools. We’ll also explore the basic SQL commands that are compatible with FileMaker ODBC.

Wednesday, August 18

Preparing for Server – Server Admin Console: A guide to effective administration, backup and security Presenter: Mark Richman

This session will distill and condense server and security related topics from the FileMaker Training Series materials and will demonstrate just how easy it is to properly deploy a FileMaker Server. We will demonstrate how developers and server administrators can mitigate the risk of losing data, wasting development effort or allowing sensitive data or files to become compromised.