Slate Mentions Open Book Management

SlateOpenBookManagement1-295x300 Slate recently published a brief intro to the concept of Open Book Management.  We have been practicing Open Book Management at Skeleton Key and our sister company, Brightsource IT, since 2009.  Running “open book” has been a major factor in our success and it has become a huge part of our culture.  We’re fortunate to have a company made up of smart, passionate people.  Open Book Management allows our business to leverage that intelligence and turn our staff’s passion into entrepreneurial spirit.  As Ted Swanson, President of IT Solutions and a practitioner of open book management, once said, “I wouldn’t run a business any other way.” If you want to learn more about Open Book Management, I strongly recommend picking up a copy of Jack Stack’s The Great Game of Business.  If you are considering implementing open book management at your company and you want to talk to someone who has done it, we would be happy share our story.  You can drop us a line on our contact page or give us a call at 314-353-4300. About Skeleton Key Skeleton Key helps turn complex, complicated, and outdated systems into true information platforms. Our team of consultants and developers do this by developing custom-fit software tools and reporting dashboards that help businesses find, use, and understand their data, freeing them to focus on and grow their core business. In addition to custom databases and applications, we also provide training and coaching for getting the most out of your existing systems and understanding your unruly data. Skeleton Key is an open-book management company and active player of the Great Game of Business.