SimpleKolorswap : The Indispensable Tool for Color Management in FileMaker

If you’ve ever been tasked with reskinning a FileMaker solution with a new color scheme, you know that what seems like it should be a reasonably easy job can quickly turn into a painstaking ordeal to track down every occurrence of every variant of every color in every style element. This was exactly the problem that led the developers at Skeleton Key to create SimpleKolorswap.

Now you can easily take stock of every color reference in your custom theme, make changes to those colors, and save your changes as a new custom theme to be assigned to your layouts in a few simple steps.






SimpleKolorswap takes advantage of direct access to the CSS data of custom themes saved as part of your FileMaker solution. It provides you with a clear and intuitive interface to make changes to the colors of your theme and save those changes as a new custom theme.




You have the full flexibility of all of the color tools that you’re used to having. Copy and paste hex codes from an outside source or use the color picker that you’re already familiar with in FileMaker. You’ll be able to make small color tweaks or completely recolor your entire solution in a matter of minutes. SimpleKolorswap can even create a ‘Dark Mode’ version of your theme automatically in seconds!

PRO TIP : For the best results, be sure that every object on your layout is saved to a style in your custom theme, before making changes, as any locally styled objects on your layout will be reverted to ‘default’ styling when you apply the new theme. This often can lead to unexpected results.

SimpleKolorswap is installed as an Add-on to your existing solution, or it can be used as an Add-on in a separate solution, like a utility, and it’s been optimized to perform well in both hosted or local files. Currently, the requirements for SimpleKolorswap include macOS, FileMaker 19+, and Goya’s free BaseElements Plugin v4+, and we hope to add support for Windows-based developers soon.

You can find a full instructional video covering all the features on our YouTube channel.


If you want to download this Add-on for free, simply fill out the form below and we’d be happy to send you a copy: