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Jeremy Upton is a FileMaker Certified Developer at Skeleton Key in St. Louis, MO.

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FileMaker 18: Data File Script Steps and Error Logging in FileMaker

With the release of FileMaker 18 comes several new utility script steps. The ability to activate error logging will provide developers and database admins easy access to valuable troubleshooting data that previously existed only via a download from FileMaker Server. This in combination with a full palette of new data file interaction script steps offers […]

FileMaker 17: Default Fields

Recent FileMaker releases have seen new features that allow the developer a little more control over their custom app on the back end. I’m talking primarily about FileMaker Data API that was introduced with FileMaker 16. Which made interaction with a FileMaker solution possible from a host of outside platforms. FileMaker 17 continues to pull […]

FileMaker 16: New JSON Functions

One of the highest community voted features making its way into the release of FileMaker 16 is a new set of functions dedicated to the parsing of JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) text strings. These come in conjunction with the introduction of REST API into the FileMaker Server software, and serve as a new valuable tool […]

Know Your Variable Data Types

I recently ran into a problem with a script that was exiting a loop prematurely. The script was using an [Exit Loop If] step that compared two variables; one ( $$Count ) that was being incremented by 1 on each loop iteration and a second ( $$Max ) that was set previously in the script […]