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How to Send Multiple PDF Files at One Attachment in FileMaker 17

Since first introduced, the “Send Mail” script step has been a useful tool for sending emails through FileMaker. However, one of the main frustrations and complaints for both users and developers has been the inability to send multiple attachments in the same email. With the release of FileMaker 17, developers will no longer have to use a workaround, such as appending multiple pdf’s to create one large attachment, sending multiple emails with individual attachments or the use of a plugin such as 360Works Email.

Developers can now select multiple attachments and include them within the same email, using either a variable with a list of file paths or by specifying a list of file paths directly in the “Send Mail” Options dialog. This simple example shows how easy it now is to create an email with multiple attachments.

How to Send Multiple Attachments in FileMaker

All we need is a global variable ‘$AttachmentList’, set after each pdf is saved and separated with a return character. This variable file path is then used within the “Send Mail” options dialog to specify the list of attachments.

Use Script Steps to Attach Multiple Documents

Below are the script steps to create and attach multiple documents.

Script steps to create and attach multiple documents.


The specify attachments option allows users to select multiple file paths.


Email that is generated via the client showing both attachments.


Use a Plugin to Send Email Attachments with FileMaker

While this simple example demonstrates how to create and attach documents using layouts within your application, another useful situation would be to use a plugin such as Troi File to specify all files within a folder. This allows you to include them as individual attachments if you need to include external documents within your email. You could also combine both approaches if you wished to include additional documents with the files saved from FileMaker.

Adding multiple file paths for multiple attachments.

As a developer I am delighted FileMaker has finally addressed this issue in FileMaker 17 and this simple but important tweak has turned FileMaker into a far more powerful and capable communication platform. You can learn more about the FileMaker 17 platform‘s new and update features, like add-on table improvements or accessing FileMaker apps.

David Roche is a FileMaker Certified Developer at Skeleton Key in St. Louis, MO.

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