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Marketing Automation

Streamline Your Marketing Strategy With Claris FileMaker

With the marketing automation tools available within a Claris FileMaker solution, your team can spearhead email campaigns, integrate analytic tools, and prioritize the customer experience.

Streamline Marketing Efforts

Consistent communication with prospects and customers is a critical part of expanding your operations. That’s why marketing automation software has become essential for growth-oriented organizations looking to gain a competitive edge. Whether you have a marketing team of one or 100, a Claris FileMaker solution can help you manage these customer relationships and save time by automating emails and social media management. With its built-in features, Claris FileMaker can simplify the complexity of outbound client communications.

A Claris FileMaker solution can send automatic emails when trigger actions occur. For example, when purchases are made, a digital receipt can automatically be sent. Account statements can be sent with a reminder a week before they are due. Quotes can be submitted to clients as soon as they are completed. All of these are designed to save your marketing and sales teams time on repetitive tasks that can be completed just as well by a computer. That way, your organization can focus on maximizing the customer experience in ways that can’t be automated by a computer.

Track Customer Data

The Claris FileMaker platform simplifies the process of tracking, managing, and organizing customer data and engagement statistics. With integrated web services, a Claris FileMaker solution allows you to import and organize data in new and engaging ways with data visualization.

Maximize Security

When you send out manual emails with invoices, account statements, or private data attached, you’re increasing the likelihood of an accidental security breach occurring. Sending emails in bulk makes it easy to inadvertently violate the privacy regulations that dictate how your organization must securely communicate with clients. To proactively prevent these problems, the Claris FileMaker platform allows for direct integration with the marketing services you already use. By integrating the strengths of other marketing tools, you can maximize your organization’s security and regulatory compliance.

Integrated Marketing Solutions

To reduce the chances of a privacy breach, we can build a Claris FileMaker solution that’s fully integrated with marketing tools like Mailchimp and Constant Contact. By automating this process, you reduce the risk that an accidental security breach may occur without limiting functionality.

One Solution For All Of Your Marketing Tools

If your team already uses a variety of marketing automation tools, a Claris FileMaker solution won’t make any of those tools any less effective. A customized Claris FileMaker solution works seamlessly with your existing tools to make them all the more powerful. Claris FileMaker automatically synchronizes lists and opt-in choices in real time, so you don’t have to worry about having to refresh or enter data manually. With a single unified Claris FileMaker toolset, your team can focus on mastering one solution while still being able to leverage the latest options in the marketplace.

If you’re interested in exploring how Claris FileMaker can integrate your existing marketing tools to facilitate client communication, contact our team today to get the conversation started.