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Data Visualization

Visualize And Explore Complex Data Like Never Before With Claris FileMaker

With built-in data exploration and interactive visualization tools, an optimized Claris FileMaker solution makes big data analysis simple for smaller teams.

Take Control Of Your Data

Experts estimate that the amount of data in the world doubles every two years. That’s why it’s more important than ever to be aware of how your organization plans to wade through ever-increasing amounts of data. Even if your organization or workgroup feels too small for big data, odds are you’ve already noticed that the amount of data your team has to manage feels like it’s growing faster than you could ever have imagined.

With robust visualization tools, a customized Claris FileMaker solution can be the solid foundation upon which your organization takes control of your data — before it takes control of you. With Claris FileMaker, you can be confident you’re maximizing the value of your data today while preparing for tomorrow’s challenges.

Simplifying Complex Data

A Claris FileMaker solution has the power to transform complex data from any number of sources into meaningful visualizations such as:

  • Bar and Line Graphs
  • Maps
  • Performance Gauges
  • Bubble Charts
  • Scatter Plots

Intuitive Visualization

Data for the sake of data doesn’t get you very far; what matters is what you’re doing with that data. As data management grows increasingly complex, you’re likely wondering what value these metrics might offer your organization. The more powerful your visualization tools, the more powerful your decision-making abilities become.

When it comes to making split-second decisions, your team doesn’t have time to sift through spreadsheets to get the information they need to make an informed choice. With a properly designed Claris FileMaker solution, your team will always have the information it needs to make critical decisions that ensure your continued success.

Creating meaningful charts and graphs provides a fresh perspective and deeper insights that your team may not otherwise gather just looking at a spreadsheet or lists of numbers. With powerful sorting and selecting tools, you can focus on creating the charts and visualizations your organizations needs to plot a path to growth and let your Claris FileMaker solution handle the rest.

Paired With The Power of Tableau

Tableau is an industry-leading software company that designs and builds data visualization products geared toward business intelligence. Your Claris FileMaker solution can be fully integrated with a built-in connector for Tableau so you can maximize your business intelligence all from one platform. This bi-directional integration means you can visualize data from your Claris FileMaker solution using Tableau’s rich and expansive set of tools, and then write back selections from Tableau to your Claris FileMaker solution, allowing those same visualization tools to help you chart a course to future success.

Your Partners In Prosperity

Whether you’re already using a Claris FileMaker solution to get a better grasp on your data or you simply want to start taking advantage of powerful interactive data tools, Skeleton Key is here for you. We work with you to understand your operations and show you how a Claris FileMaker data visualization solution can add real value to your organization. No matter how you use, collect, and store your data, we’ll help you use the Claris FileMaker platform to do it better.

Reach out to our team today, and we’ll start exploring how we can turn your vision into a Claris FileMaker solution.