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Perform JavaScript in Web Viewer in Claris FileMaker 19

Overview One of the most exciting new features that Claris’ FileMaker Pro 19 has introduced is the “Perform JavaScript in Web Viewer” script step. It has expanded the ability for Claris FileMaker to transcend from its environment to other programming language environments. In the past, there were a few workarounds to integrate Claris FileMaker with […]

FileMaker 18: FileMaker Data API New Features

FileMaker 18 is finally out and with it comes new features and improvements to the FileMaker Data API. A new category of API calls has been added to allow developers to request metadata from a FileMaker host. These new API calls return information regarding: Product Information Database Names Layout Names Script Names Layout Metadata Two […]

FileMaker 17: Show Custom Dialog

FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 includes some useful improvements to the Show Custom Dialog script step. The Show Custom Dialog script step now allows input to be saved to local or global variables rather than only having the ability to save to a field. Let’s take a look at what changed and why you should even […]