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L5SimpleFM v 1.0 – A Composer and Laravel 5 friendly PHP package for interacting with hosted FileMaker data

 TLDR Overview L5SimpleFM is a PHP package used to provide a simple, readable, declarative syntax for accessing data hosted on a FileMaker Server from a composer-friendly PHP project. The package also has a ServiceProvider class which allows it to be easily pulled into a Laravel 5 project. The L5SimpleFM package is now available as a 1.0 release […]

Using the Mac OS X Color Picker with FileMaker Pro

I love FileMaker 13’s new style tools! The tools make creating and maintaining a consistent theme style for a project, incredibly simple. After attending the FileMaker DevCon session, Layouts: Under the Hood, I love them even more. A tool that I’ve been using lately, to aid in creating custom themes for our clients, is the built […]