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Alan Kirtlink was a FileMaker Certified Developer at Skeleton Key in St. Louis, MO.

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Claris FileMaker 19’s ‘B-List Celebrities’, Part 2: Button Bar Segment State Styles

Welcome to the second installment of my series on Claris FileMaker 19’s lesser-known features, its “B-List Celebrities”, if you will. In this series, I’m highlighting the less famous, but still useful, tools that every Claris FileMaker version needs. Just as in O Brother, Where Art Thou? George Clooney needed John Turturro. If you haven’t already done […]

Read Before FileMaker Pro 18 Assisted Install

Did you just finish the FileMaker Pro 18 assisted install on all the machines in your workgroup? If so, you’re reading this too late. Come back and read it again before you install FileMaker 19 next year. If you haven’t installed the new version yet and you are not looking forward to how long it […]

FileMaker 16: Layout Objects Window

Once upon a time FileMaker layouts were simple. Everything was visible all of the time and unless it was done by mistake, we never stacked objects on top of one another. Over the years however, a lot of features have been added to FileMaker to help us get the most out of small screens. These […]

Script Debugger in FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced : Part II

Script Debugger is a great feature of FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced. Part 2 of Alan Kirtlink’s video series demonstrates how to find errors using this tool. He also shows you how to ensure scripts will work for users who don’t have full access to the database. Thanks to Alan Kirtlink for producing this video. A […]

Layout Tools in FileMaker Pro 10 : The Basics

FileMaker Certified Developer and Authorized Trainer Alan Kirtlink, has prepared a series of short videos exploring layout tools in FileMaker Pro 10. This video walks through the basics. Take a quick tour of FileMaker’s layout tools with Alan. Before you know it you’ll be developing masterful user interfaces. For anyone who’s new to FileMaker Pro, […]