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Join Our FileMaker St. Louis User Group: FileMaker STL

You are invited to join our local FileMaker User Group. This group is for experienced FileMaker Devs, FileMaker users who’ve poked around under the hood and want to dive into development, and anyone else who wants to learn more about FileMaker. We aim to cover general FileMaker development, advanced techniques, plugin integration, external data access, […]

Leveraging Google Chrome for iOS with FileMaker Go

Ever so often, I’ll run across a tip that I think would be a great way to extend FileMaker Go outside of its sandbox. Recently, it was a tip from Google about opening links in Chrome from iOS. I wondered if there was a situation that, as a FileMaker Developer, I could use the method […]

Creating a Fundamental FileMaker Go Layout – Zoom Lock

Welcome to the third post in my blog series about Creating a Fundamental FileMaker Go Layout. This entry will cover Locking the Zoom Level on Filemaker Go Layouts. The previous posts in the series covered: Understanding scroll lock Basic Go Layout Sizing Zoom Lock Zoom locking is self-descriptive: it means removing the ability to use […]

Creating a Fundamental FileMaker Go Layout – Layout Sizing

This is the second blog post in a series about Creating a Fundamental Layout for use in FileMaker Go. The goal of this series is to offer practical advice and specific instructions for creating FileMaker Go layouts that look and act the way you, and your users, expect. Today we’ll be covering Layout Sizing. Sizing […]

FileMaker’s Developer Tools: A Love-Hate Relationship

FileMaker is a great platform for development and I owe most of my professional success to its success. There are some things about FileMaker Pro that I love and, of course, as with any passionate relationship, there are a few things I would like to see improved. This article will strive to expose my passionate […]

The Let Function

Among FileMaker Pro’s many functions, the Let function stands out as one of, if not the most, powerful among them. This article attempts to demystify the Let function and demonstrate examples of its practical use. Purpose of the Let function Sets a variable(s) to the result of an expression for the duration of a calculation, […]