Utilities and Utility Services

Customized Tools Built on the Powerful Claris FileMaker Platform

At Skeleton Key, we formulate cost-effective and responsive applications for utilities and companies working in the energy industry.

Custom Apps for Utilities and Energy Service Companies

Every major public works proposal—whether that’s a water reclamation project or a LEED-certified building—faces similar hurdles and challenges. Missing or inaccurate information gathered at the worksite could mean delayed permitting or, worse, safety violations. Missed deadlines and deliverables often include financial penalties. Skeleton Key’s precise and custom-tailored applications, built with Claris FileMaker, can help utility and energy service companies manage any and every aspect of project fulfillment so that timelines and budgets stay on target.

Personnel in the field need to gather information that potentially impacts every element of a project. From work order management to more efficient mobile applications, the team at Skeleton Key builds solutions that can incorporate disparate components into a single, streamlined interface. We also help many clients in the industry keep up-to-date with their demanding efficiency mandates, providing software that records and measures important metrics like energy consumption…and the effect of efforts made to reduce it. Many of those same clients have shared their collective frustrations with the limits and costs of the industry’s standardized software solutions. We’ve responded by developing, building and testing Claris FileMaker apps that are both more responsive and cost-effective.

“Boundaryless Workflows”

It is rare that the information needed by a utility, utility service company, or energy company sits in one system. Most applications will need to communicate with other partners, larger and smaller, both downstream and upstream. Data can come from, and flow to, any number of external and internal systems.

Such complex information processes are where the Claris FileMaker platform shines. It can help integrate systems and automate processes like work orders, job execution, metering, analysis, compliance reporting and more.

Utilities and Utility Service Problems We Solve

  • Replacing manual processes and workarounds with a single system for work order management
  • Cutting down on lost and inaccurate paperwork by digitizing forms and providing information in a single app
  • Reducing expenses by designing software with just the functions needed, and nothing more, at a fraction of the cost of “industry software”
  • Providing a single storehouse for various project-related content: Permit packs, photos, specs, drawings and more
  • Supporting remote workers with offline-compatible apps that can accommodate off-grid staff and work sites 
  • Unifying project components to increase time management, accuracy and, ultimately, profitability

We were contacted by a collective utility that services commercial and residential customers throughout central and western Kansas. This client had been working with a well-established software company that unexpectedly wanted to increase their licensing fees when renewal time came around. The cost was well out of reach for a small energy cooperative that services just under 100,000 customers; our client simply wanted to slice out the single functionality that they used from that bulky, expensive software. By designing a custom application to fit their needs with the Claris FileMaker platform, Skeleton Key was able to save this client nearly $200,000 in annual licensing fees.

Your Expert Claris FileMaker Developers

The Claris FileMaker platform is much more than just a database. It’s a platform that our skilled team can use to build cost-effective apps that conform to the special needs of your team, company and project. We will work with a single department or an entire company to ensure that no matter the scope or timeline, you will enjoy the right solution that is field-tested to match your specific requirements.

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