Talent and Event Management

Talent and Event Management

Revolutionary, Custom Tools for Every Aspect of the Entertainment Business

At Skeleton Key, we design and build efficient and time-saving applications for venues, event management, bookers, agencies and promoters.Custom Apps for Entertainment Talent and Event Management

Skeleton Key understands that the entertainment business is both highly organized and completely unpredictable. It is driven by physical locations and tangible deliverables and yet is completely borderless, with talent and crew often on the road or on the other side of the planet. You and your clients must be prepared to deal with the unexpected, so it’s vital that your systems never fail you. Our team knows how to analyze and improve your existing processes without breaking anything. We update what isn’t working while paying special attention not to fix what isn’t broken so the show, as they say, can go on.

Entertainment Industry Workflows

What goes on behind the scenes for any entertainment professional varies wildly from day to day and company to company. What a promoter for a medium sized venue in Nashville deals with is vastly different from a staffing agency that books lighting and sound professionals for huge events in Los Angeles. There are quite a few similarities, though: Disparate payroll systems, cloud folders for sharing plans and documents, and emailed expense reports are all common examples. One-to-one communication and individualized approaches eventually impede and encumber organizational evolution…unless you have the right tools.

Mobile Apps, Dashboards, and More

Skeleton Key’s custom-built business applications provide simple and intuitive solutions for burdensome, manual workarounds. Our easy-to-use interfaces provide a single point of entry for all of your information, whether that’s scanning a ticket or keeping track of payroll. Our mobile apps, dashboards, and reports keep your team organized, no matter where they are. We have a long history of working successfully in this sector to maintain workflows efficiently while delicately reinventing manual processes that risk overwhelming your staff and threatening their productivity.

Entertainment Talent and Event Management Problems We Solve

  • Adherence to best practices for your industry niche (venue, production company, talent management, facility and equipment rental, etc.)
  • Building and managing relational databases for talent, bookings and more
  • Providing lightweight, cloud-based apps that your staff has access to anywhere globally
  • Solving massive logistical problems for projects that have human and physical resources
  • Responding to union, compliance, copyright, and royalty issues
  • Extending self-service interfaces to potential talent for casting calls and auditions
  • Budgeting and bidding for fabrication (props, effects, etc.)
  • Real-time updating between payroll systems and front-line employee data entry
  • Making it easy to keep your clients and contractors up-to-date and informed about schedules, itineraries and to-dos

Your Expert FileMaker Developers

Our team understands that problems in the creative sector require creative solutions. When your organization comes to us with a problem or an inefficient process, we pride ourselves on consistently building creative FileMaker solutions around your needs. Whether that means optimizing your existing FileMaker solution or building one from the ground up, we’re here to help you make the complex simple again.

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