Claris FileMaker Solutions For Hospitals, Doctors’ Offices, And Surgery Centers

At Skeleton Key, we partner with healthcare organizations so they can prioritize patient care.

Skeleton Key specializes in leveraging the power of the Claris FileMaker platform to design, develop, and deploy a customized medical workflow software solution around your organization’s unique operations. If your team has been slowed down by cumbersome spreadsheets or inadequate off-the-shelf software, the costly timelines of software development may have caused you to put off an upgrade in the past.

When you partner with Skeleton Key, your organization can gain access to the custom software you’ve been looking for in a matter of days or weeks, all at a fraction of the cost. With a customized Claris FileMaker solution for your healthcare organization, our experts have the power to transform the way your team manages data, streamline day-to-day tasks, and facilitate collaboration at every level of your operation.

Already using a Claris FileMaker solution that doesn’t deliver the scalability you need for long-term success? Skeleton Key can take your existing solution and quickly expand it to better align with your needs and growth goals. We have the experience to work around your normal operations, so you don’t even have to worry about downtime.

If you’re concerned about maintaining HIPAA compliance while we design and deploy your Claris FileMaker solution, you’ll be happy to hear that we’ve already successfully developed and implemented dozens of projects while keeping your network compliant. Our experts already have the requisite skills and experience to help your organization prioritize healthcare data privacy and security measures at every stage of development and deployment. We can even provide long-term support to ensure your solution remains compliant as regulations change.

Problems We Solve

When we partner with healthcare organizations, we most frequently use the Claris FileMaker platform to help them solve problems related to:

Any other problems your healthcare team is struggling with to boost productivity and prioritize the patient experience? We can use the Claris FileMaker platform to address and remediate your specific challenges with little to no downtime.

Mobile Applications

In the healthcare industry, your team is rarely ever fixed in one spot for long periods. We understand that mobility has become a critical aspect of any healthcare professional’s daily tasks. Fortunately, the Claris FileMaker platform is designed to empower your team with the full functionality of your solution, no matter where work takes them. Whether they’re visiting a vendor, in the exam room, or prepping for surgery, they’ll have access to the same robust tools and data as if they were sitting at a desk.

Consolidate Medical Data Systems With Skeleton Key

If your organization is ready to discover how a Claris FileMaker solution can prepare you for the evolving healthcare challenges of tomorrow, contact our experts today. We specialize in understanding your team’s workflows from the inside out, so they can get more done in less time while taking patient care to the next level.