FileMaker 13 Resources

FM13ProAdvanced FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced     On December 3rd, FileMaker, Inc. introduced the new FileMaker 13 Platform, which adds more than 50 new features. These new features allow us to create even better solutions with:

  • Richer, more intuitive interfaces to your data for your computer, mobile device, and web browser
  • Improved data collection workflows with integrated barcode scanning for iPad and iPhone
  • Sophisticated web applications that can easily be deployed to most modern web browsers
  • Stronger security and faster remote access

We’re really excited by this new release and we’re actively using it to build new solutions for our clients. We invite you to learn more about what’s new with the FileMaker Platform. We’ve included below a collection of links to a variety of general and technical information about the new products. FileMaker has a great new FileMaker Platform overview and detailed product pages for FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, and FileMaker Server. The FileMaker Knowledge Base and FileMaker Technical Network are also excellent resources for the latest technical details and developer community discussions. 30-day trial versions of FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server are available to download. A variety of reviews and overviews of new features are available from Anvil DataworksDB Services, Cimbura.comFileMaker Magazine, MacWorld, HomeBase Software, ZDNet, TidBITS, and Tim Dietrich. SeedCode has some great technical blog posts about the ExecuteSQL function, animations using slide controls, popover issues, and hiding layout objects. MightyData blogged about barcode scanning and popover buttons. Beezwax has an interesting spin on using popovers to display a rich pop-up menu. Steven Blackwell provides an excellent overview of the new database encryption (encryption at rest) feature. Tim Dietrich has an article about optimization using the new Perform Script on Server script step. Martha Zink at Soliant Consulting has started a new video series, As Seen in FileMaker 13. FullCity Consulting shared some useful information about changes to container fields in FileMaker 13. Several companies have updated information regarding compatibility of their FileMaker plugins and products, including 360Works, Beezwax, CNSDaconsDracoventionsGoyaMonkeyBread Software, and Troi. If you’re intrigued by the new FileMaker Platform and want to discuss how the new features could help improve your business, please contact us. About Skeleton Key Skeleton Key helps turn complex, complicated, and outdated systems into true information platforms. Our team of consultants and developers do this by developing custom-fit software tools and reporting dashboards that help businesses find, use, and understand their data, freeing them to focus on and grow their core business. In addition to custom databases and applications, we also provide training and coaching for getting the most out of your existing systems and understanding your unruly data. Skeleton Key is an open-book management company and active player of the Great Game of Business.