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Building Claris FileMaker Toolkits Customized For The Construction Site

We specialize in providing hands-on solutions for construction project management that streamline organizational processes and simplify communication.

Custom Apps For Construction Management

However your construction crew works together, we can build a Claris FileMaker solution designed to work alongside them. With the mobile capabilities of Claris FileMaker Go paired with the power of Claris FileMaker Server, your crew can get more doneanytime, anywhere.

A Claris FileMaker solution minimizes paperwork while simultaneously giving you access to the most up-to-date project information. Whether your goal is increasing efficiency or saving money, we build Claris FileMaker solutions designed to give your team the tools they need to succeed.

Mobile Integration

With the mobile integration capabilities of Claris FileMaker Go, it doesn’t matter whether your crew members are in the office or on the job site—they’ll have access to critical project data where and when they need it. Everyone on your team can quickly see in real time what’s completed and what’s left to do, so timelines stay on schedule and projects stay within budget.

Construction Problems We Solve

We commonly build Claris FileMaker solutions for clients in the construction industry who want to:

  • Track time on the job site
  • Manage their crew in the field
  • Clarify points of contact at every stage
  • Compare budgeted vs. actual project hours in real time
  • Review expense reporting from anywhere
  • Integrate estimating solutions with accounting packages
  • Annotate photos and diagrams
  • Implement mobile data collection
  • Streamline document and image management
  • Take control of inventory and the supply chain

A Claris FileMaker solution integrated with the rest of your operations can speed up project timelines, minimize downtime, and ensure that projects stay within budget. If your business has struggled with controlling these factors in the past, our team has the solution you need to turn inefficiency into an opportunity for growth.

How We Helped Helmkamp Construction

Helmkamp Construction partnered with Skeleton Key because their superintendents were spending more than 30 minutes each day recording employee hours at job sites. After taking the time to understand their specific challenges, Skeleton Key built a Claris FileMaker solution to streamline the process of entering work hours in the field, saving Helmkamp more than $100,000 each year. You can read the full case study here.

Your Expert Claris FileMaker Developers

Whether your business builds pools or apartment buildings, we specialize in using the Claris FileMaker platform to give your team the customized tools they need to grow. From estimates to managing timelines and contractors, you can simplify the complexities of construction management with one holistic toolset that’s designed and built around the way you work.

Get in touch with our team and let’s start talking about the possibilities that a Claris FileMaker solution could open up for your business.