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Mark Richman is a FileMaker Certified Developer at Skeleton Key in St. Louis, MO.

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Treat, or Trick? The Skeleton Key Conspiracy

Every fall at Skeleton Key we have a Staff Konference. Whether it’s conducted virtually or in person, it provides our team a few days to collectively reflect on where we’ve been, and to plan for where we’re going. Last year we started a new tradition: The Sacred Kow Hunt. This session topic was described by […]

Saving Slave Houses: Why Skeleton Key Lent Its Support to an Important Preservation Project

Many of the organizations we serve are businesses and governmental organizations, but we’re also proud of the work that Skeleton Key does with not-for-profit organizations. While many of the challenges not-for-profit organizations face are unique, many are also similar to those faced by any organization trying to manage large amounts of data: staying organized, logging […]

Paper and Pen: How Skeleton Key Addressed a Common Problem (that COVID-19 Amplified)

It’s an occupational hazard here at Skeleton Key: When we see paper and pens, we typically discover clunky, manual processes. Organizations that rely on paper and pen for data collection are often introducing opportunities for errors and backlogs. In our experience, paper-based files don’t allow for easy and fast references, or searches, and paper-based files […]

How Skeleton Key Helped a Surgical Center with Data Analytics

The flexibility of the FileMaker platform opens up development possibilities that go far beyond the conventional business environment. Hospitals, dental practices, surgery centers, and doctors’ offices can all benefit from the innovation strategies made possible by a customized FileMaker solution. Here’s how we recently helped an orthopedic surgery center streamline clinical data management workflows while […]

Private School Streamlines Scheduling and Purchasing with Claris FileMaker and Skeleton Key

The Seven Hills School in Cincinnati, Ohio, relies heavily on developing programs tailored to parents and students with evolving expectations. As a private school, its administrators and staff need to consider innovative ways to balance costs, investing in tools that help focus teachers’ attention on creating a welcoming, creative environment. Its socio-economically diverse student body […]