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Eric Sterbenk is a Certified FileMaker Developer at Skeleton Key

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Weird Tales of WebDirect: Radio Buttons & Checkboxes

TL;DR: Radio Buttons and Checkboxes can look different from browser to browser in WebDirect. Use button bars with checkbox or radio button icons instead of native control styles for the most consistent UI. The Problem Have you ever ordered pizza with your favorite topping, but when you get it, they made a mistake? Like, you […]

Teaching Pickers to be Patient

FileMaker is a very responsive application – you ask it to do something and it responds pretty quickly. But sometimes, we want FileMaker to be more patient and wait until we’re done before it does something. In effect, we want FileMaker to practice a bit of patience. We’re going to talk about pickers today, and […]

FileMaker Data Migration

Data Migration. Sounds pretty boring, right? Feels like it will be a chore, right? Talk to any FileMaker developer and you’ll find that being assigned a data migration task will be exactly last on their list of the things that they enjoy doing. What is data migration, exactly? Well, the basic idea is taking all […]