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Calvin Cooper is a FileMaker Certified Developer at Skeleton Key in St. Louis, MO.

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FileMaker 17: Layout Mode Changes

FileMaker 17: Layout Mode Changes The release of FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 brings some changes to layout mode with the positioning of some of the toolbars. The Field Picker toolbar has also been updated with some minor tweaks. Overall only minor changes to layout mode have been made. The workflow should be familiar to most […]

New FileMaker Interface Design with FileMaker 16

With the release of FileMaker Pro 16 a great new feature has been introduced for those of us who use the Windows operating system. The FileMaker Pro 16 Windows interface has been redesigned to work more like the Mac OS version by now allowing multiple and separate windows! No longer will Windows users be limited […]

Create a Filemaker Back Button: A Simple Browser-like Solution

I recently tackled a request from a client to implement a FileMaker back button that functioned similar in nature to the back button in a web browser. This is certainly not an uncommon request and a simple explanation as to why this isn’t practical normally results in the client withdrawing their request. However, the customer […]

Optimizing Virtual Lists With Quick Find

Introduction: Virtual Lists are a flexible tool to generate a list of data that can be displayed in a portal or on a layout. Because of its flexible nature, you can use a virtual list to display different sets of data using the same table structure. I use this technique quite frequently when setting up […]

Sizing layouts for Android devices for FileMaker 15 WebDirect

With the release of FileMaker 15 Server the Chrome browser on the Android operating system is now supported for use with FileMaker 15 WebDirect when using devices with a five inch or larger screen. I have spent some time testing this out and I’ve found that things seem to work as well as it does […]

Custom Keyboard Use and FileMaker Go

One of the most frustrating aspects of developing for FileMaker Go has to do with the iOS keyboard. At times, the keyboard can be unpleasant to use and restrict the usable space on your layouts. The following technique of using a custom keyboard can be used as an alternative way to enter data. Background Developing […]

Getting Started With FileMaker 13 Themes

This is part one of a two part series on using themes in FileMaker 13. Themes were first introduced with FileMaker 12 and provided developers with a selection of preset themes that could be used to speed up layout design. The addition of themes was an improvement over the previously available options but was still […]