K-12 Education

Custom Apps and Connected Workflows For the Entire Educational Ecosystem

We specialize in custom solutions for both private and public institutions that help streamline processes to record and track student achievement, conference scheduling, school inventory and more.

Custom Apps for K-12 Education

Teachers, counselors, and administrators all agree: No two schools, and no two students, are alike. Even with an increasing diversity of approaches to student instruction and customized grading systems, Skeleton Key can help schools leverage the power of Claris Connect and Claris FileMaker to make school operations more connected and seamless.

Claris Connect provides integrations that help connect different data systems. Together with Claris FileMaker, students, parents, and school staff can share access and collaborate around all aspects of a student’s educational record and experiences. Working together, all these tools help ease the ever-growing burden on teachers and administrators, giving your staff the time and energy they need to focus on what matters most: The students.

K-12 Education Problems We Solve

  • Workflow orchestration and automation between various databases and education software platforms–teachers no longer have to transfer data manually just to use different systems
  • Progress tracking and attendance made easier through automation
  • Shared scheduling and calendar apps for parents, teachers, and administrators
  • Custom apps that facilitate both private and public schools’ varying grading systems and IEPs
  • Web interfaces and modules for mobile Apple devices
  • Extendability: Easily design, add, and connect applications to suit the particular needs of a department, grade level, facility, or program–start small, and add functionality as needed

An integrated Claris Connect/Claris FileMaker solution ensures that schools, districts, and parents have the tools they need to manage student success, from attendance to grading to IEPs, while reducing stress and demands on teachers and staff.

This Private High School has been operating in the Cincinnati area for the better part of five decades. Skeleton Key partnered with school administrators to develop several applications, including an integrated web calendar interface that made it far easier for parents and teachers to schedule in-person conferences. Our team also customized a point-of-sale (POS) system for a student store and the school’s lunchroom, which both tracked and processed payments and in real-time. The results: improved parent/teacher relations, faster facilitation of extracurriculars, and automation of previously stressful, and time-consuming paper record keeping.

Your Expert Claris FileMaker Developers

No matter the age or ability of your students, or the level of sophistication of your existing educational systems or platforms, the Claris FileMaker platform can accommodate the needs of your school. From the top down, we can help integrate seemingly disparate functions—from attendance and grading all the way down to your student store—to cut down on time-consuming manual processes, increase accurate record-keeping, and prioritize student development and parent engagement. 

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