Using Claris Filemaker To Design And Build Precise, Yet Flexible, Solutions

We provide nimble and affordable custom applications for designers and engineers in a wide variety of industries.

Custom Applications For Engineering Teams

Engineering can be both science and art. Fabrication and testing, for example, necessitate precision and accuracy throughout your entire process; but design elements can change with time, especially as customer requirements change. Skeleton Key develops intelligent applications that can sit within any segment of your engineering process, integrating with existing project management and design tools even while increasing accuracy and reducing costs.

Skeleton Key identifies and removes barriers to success faster, and with a much smaller up-front investment. And engineering especially is an exercise in continuous improvement; adjustments and accommodations need to be made on the fly as requirements change. Claris FileMaker and Claris Connect are flexible enough to change with your business, yet robust enough to rely on for daily operations.

Adaptive and Cost-Effective

Off-the-shelf software often doesn’t have the flexibility to respond and adapt to changing requirements, or the cost effectiveness needed for manufacturing and engineering environments. Custom solutions built with Claris FileMaker offer that needed responsiveness, often at a much lower price tag.

Our streamlined and agile development process produces a viable product quickly, removing obstacles between your users and needed solutions while increasing productivity and accuracy. In addition, our FileMaker solutions scale as your company grows, and help future-proof your in-house solutions as your team upgrades and modifies your toolset.

Engineering Problems We Solve

We address common problems and challenges for engineers and product designers looking to:

  • Transition to a paperless environment for blueprints and design documents
  • Reduce printing and organizational costs
  • Deploy simple, streamlined UIs rather than bulky and cumbersome tools
  • Build precise and easy-to-update estimates 
  • Track and identify issues before they cause irreparable variances and errors 
  • Create efficient and well-documented audit trails, even for specs and drawings
  • Utilize an in-house app that integrates easily with project management tools  
  • Ferry information and data between systems automatically
  • Collect and store artifacts digitally (video, blueprints, on-site information) 
  • Reduce overall expenditures on legacy software solutions from tens of thousands to several hundred dollars annually 
  • Integrate visual design into production and estimation tools  

Your Expert FileMaker Developers

Whether your business works in aerospace, energy, defense or any other engineering-intensive field, the Claris FileMaker platform provides you and your team with the digital framework you need to grow and expand. We prioritize getting a working product in your hands as quickly as possible, increasing your productivity and creativity with intuitive tools that are built to spec for your company.

Get in touch with our team and let’s start talking about the possibilities that a Claris FileMaker solution could open up for your business.