Start Small

Have you ever started a huge project and not known where to begin? We all have. It’s not a comfortable position. What can compound the discomfort is the “help” you’ll be offered by so called “experts.” You’ve got some really heavy choices to make. Do you take on this project alone? Do these “experts” know what they’re talking about? Should we do this at all? Their sales guy said {insert line of B.S. here} but, do you trust this guy? There’s got to be a better way, right? There certainly is. Skeleton Key believes it’s prudent to test, test, test. From a technical perspective that’s obvious. However, you’ll also hear it from our business development team. We routinely recommend a ‘start small’ approach to doing business with us. It allows you to test our abilities; test our style; test our effectiveness. Think about it. How do you answer these questions during a buying cycle?

  • Why take on the largest project in my company’s history while depending on an unknown quantity?
  • What kind of people do they employ?
  • Is the technical staff as smooth as the sales staff? (In our case, smoother ~ but uglier 😉
  • It’s basic but, do they do what they say they’ll do?
  • How do they communicate?
  • Can I understand them or do they speak ‘techie’?
  • Bottom line, do I trust them?

You don’t really. It’s always a leap of faith. So take a shorter leap. Start small. For SK the process looks like this: 1. Together we identify a relatively small, finite project. 2. We’ll agree to a fixed price up-front so everyone knows the risks and rewards before we start. 3. As the project is completed you’ll have the option of working with SK on larger initiatives in the future. We’ll admit, Skeleton Key is not a perfect fit for every project or every company. We also know working with vendors in a continual sales cycle as they vie for your business doesn’t provide enough insight. We believe partnerships are born from experience. Please contact us to get the ball rolling. We’ll start small 😉