Skeleton Key – The Positive Effect

Marketing – be it ‘traditional’, word-of-mouth, grassroots or social media based, is not new for me. Marketing for Skeleton Key, a service-driven, Custom Application Development/Information Technology Consulting company is relatively new for me. My adventure began in mid-January… In order to promote and solidify the Skeleton Key (SK) brand to the widest-reaching audience and business consumers of FileMaker software, I had to learn to understand what made SK ‘tick’. Jason Thomas Jason Thomas, Business Development, using ‘windows’ 🙂 If you visit the Skeleton Key website, you might read pages such as“who we are” and “what we do” and “how we do business”. I read them (as well as every other page). Those pages say: “We think our approach and philosophy is both unique and effective, and we’re confident that we can work with you to make your business run more efficiently.” All that is true, but it’s only part of the story. Since then I’ve come to learn that it is the people and the culture at SK that truly make the difference. If you were a fly on the wall at SK, you would hear a steady stream of chatter that almost always includes two primary concepts:accountability and forward-thinking. Words like: forecasting, vision, collaboration, growth, scoreboarding, planning and testing crop up frequently, enjoined with a subtle energy and passion, regardless of the specific issue being discussed. Mark Richman, President, and Oliver Block, Vice President are both good navigators, encouraging the heart, modeling the way, motivating and inspiring. They are good story-tellers, and encourage all members of the team to share these attributes as well as to challenge the status quo, regardless of hierarchy. Accepting leadership and responsibility at SK is defined as being a critical step toward realizing YOUR own full potential. It matters little what your job title is to make your mark at SK. Watching this dynamic synergy result in satisfied customers and company growth has differentiated my new position from a “job” into a “career”. I have a desire to be a fruitful stakeholder in this company. Translating these attributes into viable marketing materials and messages, and helping lead SK to the forefront of the Application Development and Technology Consulting communities of the world, is an effort I feel is not only worth making, but is important. Stay tuned. Nancy Rodriguez manages Operations & Marketing at Skeleton Key. About Skeleton Key Skeleton Key is an accomplished team of technology consultants who solve business problems. We specialize in the rapid development of custom applications, integrating Macs and PCs in the professional workplace, and providing personalized training. Despite our end-to-end technical skills, we are consultant first and technologist second. We know that you don’t just need technology. You need to know that the technology you choose to deploy will provide the results you desire. Skeleton Key is a Platinum Level FileMaker Business Alliance company, an Authorized FileMaker Trainer, a member of the Apple Consultants Network and a Microsoft Registered Partner.