Let The Best Kept Secret Out

ShhhHelp us let the cat out of the bag. Skeleton Key has been called a ‘best kept secret’ many times. You see, we’re usually referred to new customers by a trusted colleague. These referrals have accounted for the majority of our business growth and we rely on them heavily. That’s why we want to make it as easy as possible for you to refer your trusted colleagues who may find value in our application development or cross-platform IT knowledge. To that end, we’re initiating a customer referral program as a way to formalize our process and hold ourselves accountable for giving an appropriate ‘thank you’ for new referrals. Like most good things, it’s very simple; refer a new customer to us and we’ll give you 10% of their first prepayment, up to $1,000. You have our word that we’ll treat anyone you refer to us as a valuable contact. We will reach out to set an appointment and let them know that you’ve valued our insights enough to put us in touch. Rest assured, we will not annoy them with unsolicited phone calls and emails. There are a couple of other less direct ways you might want to let a colleague know about Skeleton Key. If you’ve not already, please take a moment to follow us on your favorite social networking platforms. You can certainly let the cat out of the bag on a best kept secret here! Skeleton Key on Twitter
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