Invest Time On Leads That Will Become Sales

I may be crazy for publishing this but we’re putting our money where our mouth is. Skeleton Key advocates for transparent business practices. Have a look around our site and you’ll see it everywhere. I’m going to pull the curtain back on our sales process. If that makes you uncomfortable, you have all the more reason to keep reading.

For the sales gurus out there, I realize that I may be pointing out the obvious, but somehow all of this stuff becomes less obvious as we start ‘selling’, i.e. we can tend to focus so much on convincing a prospect to work with us, and wondering if they ‘like’ us, that we forget the simplest things.

Sales is a Process.

It’s not magic. You must approach the concept of selling knowing that you can identify specific steps that roll up into discrete stages. Doing so enables you to improve upon each success (or failure). The sales process generally begins with a ‘lead’ which means you and a prospect mutually agree to discuss their needs. From there you gain an understanding of the prospect and they gain an understanding of you and that ‘lead’ may enter the next stage – ‘opportunity’. The process continues through a few more stages (which we’ll cover down the road) until the lead eventually becomes a ‘sales’.

Invest Time On Leads That Will Become Sales

The sales process is frequently depicted as a funnel because there is a natural law of sales that you’ll have more leads than opportunities and more opportunities than sales. Unfortunately, most people in sales see it as their job to push leads from one stage to the next – trying harder and harder to make something happen. On the other hand, we can use the funnel metaphor to our advantage by recognizing that not every lead is suited to become an opportunity and not every opportunity is suited to become a sale. Instead of pushing leads down the funnel towards the next stage, we push leads that are unlikely to become sales out of the funnel earlier.

This saves HUGE amounts of time and energy and allows you to focus on the leads and people you should be working with.

Stay tuned for specific action items to apply these concepts in your sales funnel.

Jason Thomas manages Business Development at Skeleton Key.

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