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Flexible Claris FileMaker Hosting Solutions For Your Organization’s Unique Needs

We offer a range of Claris FileMaker hosting options to match your organization’s specific situation, simplifying your operations and preparing you for the future.

Claris FileMaker And The Cloud

Claris FileMaker frees your team from the confines of the cubicle by offering access to apps in the cloud. Whether you choose a dedicated, managed or third-party cloud hosting option, your team will be able to access the Claris FileMaker platform from anywhere they can get online.

While on-premise hosting is still a viable and sometimes necessary option, the cloud provides a secure, reliable platform on which your Claris FileMaker database applications can run with minimal hassle. If your organization has decided to use Claris FileMaker but you have concerns

Head In The Cloud?

We work with you to find the best hosting solution for your Claris FileMaker software.

On-Site Hosting

With a dedicated server at your place of business, your team will have access to a custom network infrastructure that is totally under your control. If you already have an existing IT team to manage the infrastructure, this can be an ideal way to operate a dedicated Claris FileMaker Server to provide secure, reliable access without the concerns of third-party coordination.

Our team has the experience to properly specify, install and configure the on-premise Claris FileMaker Server infrastructure your organization needs, and once deployed we can help you maintain your own server environment through collaborative support and server administrator training.]

The Managed Claris FileMaker Cloud

Our Managed Claris FileMaker Cloud provides a secure internet-based solution without the administrative hassle of operating an in-house server infrastructure. Our Managed Claris FileMaker Cloud does not require your business to spend time and resources on an in-house solution, which makes it an excellent option for clients who don’t have an internal IT team or existing IT resources.

Claris FileMaker Cloud is ideal for organizations looking to:

  • Minimize the upfront cost of hardware
  • Simplify administrative resources and maintenance
  • Use immediate, seasonal, or on-demand scalability
  • Add an extra measure of protection by hosting data offsite in the event of an emergency or disaster

Claris FileMaker Cloud can also be ideal for organizations with remote offices or mobile users and for clients that need web or data API integrations. Because these applications often can require on-demand server availability and high-performance server resources, a cloud solution designed for Claris FileMaker Server, hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and managed by Skeleton Key can deliver elements which are critical to successful deployment.

The flexibility and simplicity of our Managed Claris FileMaker Cloud offering allow for the deployment of your software in less than an hour.

Our FileMaker Hosting Services

At Skeleton Key, we offer three hosting options for your Claris FileMaker Server software.

Dedicated Cloud Solutions

If your business has more specialized needs, we can also offer dedicated cloud-based servers that offer a fully customizable cloud environment for the Claris FileMaker platform. Depending on your business vision, a dedicated cloud-based solution may be able to provide you with the customization offered by an on-site server paired with the reliability and on-demand performance of a hosted cloud platform.

If your business is ready to start discussing hosting option for your Claris FileMaker solutions, contact our experts today.