FileMaker: Search and Destroy Mission

FileMaker has found a home in many environments that depend on the security of information. Fortunately, FileMaker Pro’s security model makes it a good choice in these situations. However, in some high security environments the dissemination of FileMaker as a rapid application development (RAD) tool has been stifled due to concerns of proprietary information being accidentally released by sharing clones of files across departments. Skeleton Key set out to prove that organizations concerned with data loss prevention can leverage their investment in FileMaker more efficiently. To do that, these organizations need to feel confident that no confidential information is leaking through a crack in their systems. The objective of this endeavor was to determine places where confidential strings of text could accidentally be left in the schema or structure of a cloned FileMaker database and provide a process for finding them. We essentially engaged in a search and destroy mission. We’d like to invite you along for the ride. Stop by our booth at the FileMaker Developer Conference 2010 to get your copy of this groundbreaking report.