FileMaker Licensing and Conversion: Have No Fear!

Does the thought of a database conversion sound complicated? Are you doubtful you need to upgrade, especially when your older version of FileMaker® has worked with so few issues, at least so far? Do you continue to delay an upgrade because of the anticipated expense? If any (or all) of these questions pinpoint your anxiety when considering an upgrade of your FileMaker solution, then NOW is the perfect time for you to contact Skeleton Key. We can dissolve your conversion and licensing fears, and help you understand why there’s no better time to consider that overdue upgrade to FileMaker 12. If you haven’t considered the advantages of an upgrade, here are just a few things you’ll experience when Skeleton Key efficiently and cost-effectively converts your database to the new FileMaker 12 format:

  • Stability and Protection of your Investment – You probably have a significant investment in the database you’ve used to grow your business. It likely has a significant impact on your daily operations, and an interruption in its proper function would be destabilizing. A conversion will serve to protect your investment, severing your dependency on a platform that will eventually be obsolete and unsupported. At a minimum, an assessment of its health and longevity is a reasonable precaution, much like an annual checkup.
  • Hardware and Software Compatibility – A conversion will minimize the risk of operating your databases on outdated hardware or unsupported operating systems. An unrelated hardware failure or operating system update can trigger the need for an upgrade to a computer or a server. This can subsequently require you to upgrade to a version of FileMaker that is compatible, as some older versions of FileMaker will not operate on newer (e.g., Intel-based) hardware or modern operating systems. There is a significant risk in continuing down this path for too long, as it only takes one critical incompatibility or failure to find yourself in an extended outage, which can lead to additional operating costs and loss of productivity. Upgrading before this happens is the most predictable way to choose a path forward, before it gets chosen for you.
  • Experience and Skill – It’s always good to save money, but change can only be comfortable and reliable with a solid foundation of support. Skeleton Key has converted many older databases, both simple and complex, for small organizations and large ones. We are the experts, and we want to share our expertise with you, helping you make a safe move to a stronger and more stable foundation in FileMaker 12.
  • Bottom Line Savings – We can help you save money. Upgrading your older FileMaker licenses can now be achieved with savings of as much as 35% – 40% of what it would normally cost for volume licensing. Now is the perfect time to review your licensing needs and request a quote from Skeleton Key.

If you receive a message from FileMaker Inc., like this one: “As of September 30, 2013, FileMaker Go 11 for iPad and FileMaker Go 11 for iPhone will no longer be available for purchase on the iTunes App Store…” … and feel a sense of anxiety, or are unsure of your own system, please reach out to us to see if the time is right for a conversion. We’ll help you make the best decision according to your database situation. Copyright © 2013 FileMaker, Inc. All rights reserved. FileMaker and Bento are trademarks of FileMaker, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Jan Schmitt is Project Manager at Skeleton Key. About Skeleton Key Skeleton Key is an accomplished team of technology consultants who solve business problems. We specialize in the rapid development of custom applications, integrating Macs and PCs in the professional workplace, and providing personalized training. Despite our end-to-end technical skills, we are consultant first and technologist second. We know that you don’t just need technology. You need to know that the technology you choose to deploy will provide the results you desire. Skeleton Key is a Platinum Level FileMaker Business Alliance company, an Authorized FileMaker Trainer, a member of the Apple Consultants Network and a Microsoft Registered Partner.