Business Resolutions this New Year

Ti’s the time of year to look back over the last four quarters with an eye towards improving the next. Skeleton Key has been engaged in a high intensity planning efforts to define company and individual performance goals and bonus plans. It’s part of our Open-Book Management and philosophy and The Great Game of Business approach we adhere to… I hope you’re engaged in that level of planning also and if you’ve not in the final stages of it, you’d better stop reading this blog post and get back to it ’cause your time is close at hand. 😉 This time of year – the week between Christmas and New Year’s should be about simpler, lower level, planning. Each year, I personally make a handful of commitments to myself that usual involve accomplishing seemingly simple tasks. Last year for example, I vowed that Skeleton Key would have at least one blog post per week. Taking a look back, we’ve not been perfect, but we’ve done well. Today I want to ask you, what New Year’s resolution(s) are you making for your business? Share your thoughts here. For myself, I’m committing to configure commenting on Skeleton Key’s blog. This time next year you’ll be able to answer this question right here! In the meantime, jump to our Facebook page to respond. Happy New Year!