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St. Louis’ Best in Value

The crew at Skeleton Key continually focuses on our customers having a solid return on investment (ROI) in our services. We expect the projects we undertake to make a direct impact on their bottom line. We use that as a measure of the value we’ve brought to the customer and the project and encourage our […]

7 Reasons FileMaker Go Should be Your ‘App’

Use your iPhone and FileMaker Go as a barcode gun. We did it. Read about it here. Extensibility. If you are already using FileMaker this is really a no brainer. It’s as simple as downloading FileMaker Go for iPhone or for iPad and pointing it at the appropriate server. Now your FileMaker system is mobile. […]

Turnaround Artists

The team at Skeleton Key has been called upon to save many projects from disaster. It’s not uncommon for us to be brought into a FileMaker Development or Technology Consulting project when the project owners realize they’ve run off the rails. Many times we’ve been able to make heroic saves and give the customer a […]

FileMaker: Search and Destroy Mission

FileMaker has found a home in many environments that depend on the security of information. Fortunately, FileMaker Pro’s security model makes it a good choice in these situations. However, in some high security environments the dissemination of FileMaker as a rapid application development (RAD) tool has been stifled due to concerns of proprietary information being […]

The Log That Time Forgot

Ladies and gentlemen: the story you are about to read is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent. I had a conversation yesterday with a customer who we’ll call Joe. A few months ago, we saved Joe’s bacon when a failing server brought his business to its knees. Joe has developed […]

Start Small

Have you ever started a huge project and not known where to begin? We all have. It’s not a comfortable position. What can compound the discomfort is the “help” you’ll be offered by so called “experts.” You’ve got some really heavy choices to make. Do you take on this project alone? Do these “experts” know […]

Free Technology Advice Will Cost You

Many IT firms provide “free advice.” They expect you to pay for the hardware and software they recommend but not the recommendation. Skeleton Key takes a unique approach to this. We don’t sell hardware. We don’t sell software. Our value rests in the fact that these factors are not a part of our advice and […]

8 Reasons You Need Custom Software

As you survey your business and look at your Profit & Loss report you’ve probably never thought “I wish I could spend $50,000 on a custom software application.” In fact, none of our customers have ever said those words to me. (If you’d like to make my quarter, give me a call and say it […]