8 Reasons You Need Custom Software

As you survey your business and look at your Profit & Loss report you’ve probably never thought “I wish I could spend $50,000 on a custom software application.” In fact, none of our customers have ever said those words to me. (If you’d like to make my quarter, give me a call and say it right now. 😉)

What you probably have thought recently is more along these lines:

    • Where can I trim some expenses?
    • If we don’t improve our top-line, we’re up a creek. How can we get more sales?
    • We pulled through last year better than expected. How will we capitalize on that success this year?

Our customers answer these questions with software specifically built to deliver results for their business model. If you think custom software is reserved for the Fortune 500 crowd, you’re wrong.

8 reasons to have custom software:

1. Knowledge is power.

      1. A custom software application delivers the information you need to make decisions at the speed of business.

2. Using ‘shrink-wrap’ software is like eating someone else’s leftovers. You don’t get to choose the main course or dessert. You certainly can’t request they ‘hold the onion and go heavy on the garlic.’

3. Focus on your passions. Let’s face it; very few of us love working with our business software. That’s not why you started your company. Custom software automates the repetitive tasks that keep you away from your passion. They let your business focus on building a customer base, serving the customers you have and generating more revenue.

4. Employee satisfaction – including your own. Employees love knowing they work for an organization that’s willing to invest in itself. Right now, finding employees is probably easier than it’s been for decades. That’s not necessarily true for the A+ kind of game-changing talent you’d hire in a heartbeat. These people have choices, even when unemployment rates are at 10%. How much time does your sales team spend on administrative tasks or ‘busywork’? (Add to that the time they spend complaining about those tasks.)

5. Custom software changes the game. Life has rules. If you’re content to follow all of the rules, your success is limited. By what you ask? By whoever wrote the rules. It’s your company. It’s your life. You write the rules. You make it so. The software you choose is a critical element in fulfilling your drive to innovate and lead, instead of follow.

6. Your competition – what competition? Building software creates an immediate edge over the competition. Let them struggle with leftovers. Let someone else figure out a ‘work-around.’ You draw a straight line to the bottom of your P&L statement by turning wasted time into profit.

7. Your customers will love you for it. What’s your value proposition? What if you can double that? Triple it? The Law of Value as defined in The Go-Giver says, “Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment.” What are you losing right now because your employees can’t answer customer questions quickly? Drive customers’ perceptions of value by delivering more, faster and better.

8. Your family will love you for it. Well at least they’ll see more of you. We’ve confronted customers with the fact that there’s no direct ROI for specific functions they are requesting and heard them say, “Yeah, I know; but it’ll get me home in time for my kids’ soccer games.” We can’t calculate that value for you but you should glance at that picture on your desk and think about it for a minute.

In case you’re wondering, SK offers a free initial consultation. We focus on understanding your company, seeing your vision (or helping you define one), and giving you a taste of what it’s like to work with professional software developers. If you’re interested shoot me an e-mail. Let me know when you’ll have 30 minutes to discuss your thoughts.